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Ajayu and its tourist project in the Mugica Quarter

By Augusto Macias

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The cities complemented it. The number of people, distances and traffic make them experiment partially. The social circles define and limit the places we move and those we access. Consequently, we live in a fragmented way, based on our personal experiences. Often, without even knowing it.

Obviously, it is impossible and tiresome to go through life trying to get to know all corners, that Ash Ketchum collects Pokémones. But it is interesting to note that, in order to understand the social entered complex, there are certain horizons worthy to enlarge.

The popular neighborhoods are heavily transited daily by their inhabitants and people working there. That said, much of the citizens do not know them, nor does it happen to them.

This is a problem, because the information emptiness is compensated with images and experiences experienced by others; this generates wrong ideas about the popular neighborhoods and their people.

For this reason, seven artists from the Mugica neighborhood –ex villa 31 – joined forces to break through the fragmentation, take prejudices that dye the neighborhood and get more people to travel.


Mural at the entrance of the Mugica Quarter.

His project is called Ajayu, which means soul in Aymara, and is the son of pandemic. By name, it is intended to convey that the neighborhood is complex, which has life. That does not lodge only penuries, shortages and suffering. There are also stories of life, overcoming, love and effort.

“We want to destigmatize our neighborhood from within. We noticed that the means only mentioned very negative things. There is special attention to the murders, deaths and drug trafficking. Ours is a neighborhood more”, said Brian Mayhua, one of the members of the cooperative.

Its initiative consists of guided tour circuits within the district, being the first initiative of these characteristics. Thus, people who do not know the neighborhood can go in a safe and educational way. In addition, with the visit, it helps to mobilize the local economy.

“With the cooperative, we seek to form a circular economy, where part of the money that comes in, also go to our neighbors. We give space to show and grow”He added Brian.

On the date, Ajayu has three distinct tours, as well as all including a tour of the area from within. History, cultural and gastronomic. They all show the neighborhood of a particular optics. The first emphasizes how the neighborhood was built and tells the story of the Mugica father. In addition, you visit historical neighbors who talk about their experience. The second, proposes to show the artistic expressions of the neighbors. And the latter is a tasting of different platillos typical of the Bolivian, Peruvian and Paraguayan communities. It has veggie option.

The consolidation of this cooperative could be the initial kick for other popular neighborhoods to create similar projects. “We are in contact with people from other popular neighborhoods, such as Maciel Island, whom we invite to join”, He concluded Brian about his next goals.

The boys of Ajayu trust that with this proposal will fill the disconnection between the popular neighborhoods and the rest, which will help to know the social entangled in a more comprehensive way.

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