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Archie, pick me up a ramp?

By Anabelia Marrapodi

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Budget for a "rampa"

It's common for them to eat me that they need to make a ramp in the building and ask you to go to the place to see, spend a budget and do "the work".

What is OBRA? It is the first question that arises to me, and it should arise to someone who wants to face materialization without analyzing possibilities.

This is the first mistake in which many people fall once and again, commonly consortiums.

They request a budget for something that has not been proven if it can be done. They call professionals unaware of accessibility, or more often directly contact people who perform the work, without previously analysing what possibilities offer the space to intervene.


The reasons are infinite, citing the most common:

. Development. RESEARCH: for a rampita so bad?

. AHORRO: pay for a report?!

(Important statement: the feasibility report represents approximately less than 5% of what these poorly executed works cost, and are definitive)

. EMPATYMENT FALTA: Although it is a word that has become very fashionable, its lack highlights the infinite strategies and posters to carry out an analysis.

And LUEGO's IMPLEMENTATION OF SOMETHING AND NOT FUNCTIONING NADIE, except the skaters of the neighborhood, arrive the headaches, the money badly invested, and complaints before competent bodies.

The first and best step is to advise yourself on the topic and contact a specialist who evaluates possible alternatives to generate ACCESIBILITY.

There are a number of important points to be revealed in order to achieve effective accessibility in accordance with the request, and what current standards establish and allow. Moreover, it is essential to take into account not only TECHNICAL aspects, but LEGAL, ECONOMIC, and ESTÉTICS (which are not minor).

So before doing any work, it is fundamental ANALYZING FACTIBILITY including possible ALTERNATIVES with their respective ECONOMIC STIMATION.

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