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How to fall from the Middle Class

By Santiago Toselli

How to fall from the Middle Class

Welcome! This is “Introduction to how to fall from the middle class”. The content of this quarter consists of a variety of things, but mainly we will learn the fine art of how to succumb to instability, the ineludible increase in prices and fiscal pressure. Take a seat, if the phones can be silenced, I would thank them and start the class.

To fall from the middle class, it is first necessary to meet some basic requirements, this variable will be fundamental to the correct collapse of its economic structure. If I were you, I'd write down this information, because it'll be on the final exam.

For starters, it must be employed shallow in an area totally forgotten by politics. The ideal would be that the weight of your union representation can be measured in atomic mass units. Was your year-end bonus a cider and a budín? Caliph.

Not to mention whether you own an SME. Go ahead and tell you the class. I think you can present a Fatura A in the University's secretariat and give it the whole chair approved. Check with the student center, they'll know better.

Another requirement to fall from the middle class with style is to have presented battle. If you surrender too early, it will be difficult to incorporate essential knowledge into this matter. Resisting the fall means becoming expert in the old art of gardening fixed expenses. Hours doing beads, seeing where and how much to cut.

Did the buck with fries last month leave him red? Cut.

How much did you pay for the cable? Llame and ask for the drop, which will offer you a promo.

Cine, eat outside, go out with friends? With the guild. (If the snake)

As you will notice at this time of the class, falling from the middle class is a downward spiral, sometimes more or less pronounced, which leads you to the point of what few return, the famous line of poverty.

My recommendation, as a teacher and specialist in the matter, is that if you find yourself in a situation of this caliber... of the struggle. Be ingenious, prudent and learn the mornings of the subject.

If there will be harsh defeats, however some occasional victory will fill you with the heart of hope. You will believe that you can overcome this dynamic, and effectively you can do it. Caerse of the middle class is not an inevitable condemnation, it is a process that can escape through early detection of the variables seen.

And most importantly, choose some unnegotiable things. Which will never be willing to cut off your budget, and stay strong there. You will see that when you are against the ropes, this will be your way out. The ace under the sleeve. The uppercut of victory.

With this, the firing until next week, we will see the second unit of the book: “How to finance with credit the end of month purchase.”Remember the owners of SMEs to pass by secretariat, please.

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santiago toselli

Santiago Toselli

Born in Chubut in 1987, father geologist and teacher. I studied journalism and marketing, and worked for ten years in the accounting area of different health entities. Marido de Sol, father of Luca, swollen Quilmes and astronomy lover.


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