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Privacy Wish

By Anabelia Marrapodi

Privacy Wish

She is a mother of a 6-year-old nena that was born with muscular dystrophy, the small one is growing and begins to arise a general need for privacy for all family members.

Tell me that you've been tired for days, exhausted from your daughter's therapies, have needs and desires, emotions that lower, desire to cry in peace, without having to give explanations or walk justifying. She's tired, she wants to be able to get out of bed without having to give her shift doctor talk.

In your home there are therapists almost 24 hours of the day, and the current distribution does not offer a space to be with it. The options you have are to shut down in the bathroom or go out on the street and get in your car, lag urging, thinking, looking at nothing even.

Her consultation was not only because she needed to adapt the house to her daughter, but also needed privacy, that was her need, her desire, to generate a space for her, to be able to talk to her partner without having to make public her life.

Therefore, the reform project pursued as a goal not only to provide accessibility, but also to generate privacy.

Adapting a space is not necessarily functional only to the disabled person, in many cases technical aid is needed to take care of those who assist.

Generate C C E S I B I L D A D is not about taking a bath or putting a ramp, it is much more than that.

It is necessary before nothing empathizes, to then be able to think, analyze each case, understand its context and design a solution. -

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anabelia marrapodi

Anabelia Marrapodi

Hello! My name is Anabelia, I am graduated from the Private Institute A-117 “Industrial Luis. A Huergo” with the title of Master of Works, I continued my training as an architect at the University of Bs As (FADU), and from there I was forging myself with different artistic and technical disciplines. My profession guided her by providing services for people with disabilities.
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