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Workers' Day: A memory carved in struggle

By Facundo Alvarez Santana

Workers' Day: A memory carved in struggle

Workers' Day, celebrated every May 1, is not just a pause in the labor calendar, but the persistent echo of a series of struggles and dreams. This day resonates as a set of voices that, from all corners of the world, cry out for justice and equity, offering testimony to the often hidden struggles of those who, armed only with their labor power, confront the enormities of power and capital.

In the early 19th century, with the machine imposing its rhythm on man, the figure of the modern worker emerged, caught up in the frenzy of industrial advance. In a Chicago that seemed more like a scene from a novel than a city of flesh and blood, where, on May 1, 1886, thousands of workers rose up to demand an eight-hour workday. The response of power, bathed in blood and gunpowder during the Haymarket Revolt, led to a story of martyrs and heroes who, years later, would be exalted by the Second International as emblems of a global struggle.

Over the years, this day was adopted by different countries, each adding its own narrative. It resounded in the streets of a pre-revolutionary Russia, it reverberated in militant Paris and Berlin. It vibrated in the squares of Latin America, where dictatorships confronted not only the people but also the ink and the word.

Today, Labor Day is both a window into the past and a reflection of our era, facing contemporary challenges such as globalization, automation, robotics, telematics, artificial intelligence and an increasingly fragile labor market.

The struggle for fair labor rights and decent conditions continues, adapting to the new challenges posed by an interconnected but inequitable world.

Thus, Workers' Day remains unchanged in its essence, although changing in its manifestations, it is a strength for reflection and action. It is a call to remember and celebrate the victories won and to continue fighting in the face of pending challenges. It is an invitation to continue the struggle with pen, voice and sweat, for a future in which labor justice is not merely a historical episode, but a reality lived day by day.

In remembrance of the martyrs of yesterday and today, this day summons us not only to remember, but to act, inspiring new generations to take up the baton in this endless race for equity. In every corner of the globe, Workers' Day echoes that call, a call that the struggle, though written in countless languages and dialects, has a single heart and a common goal: the dignity of the worker.

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Facundo Alvarez Santana

Facundo Alvarez Santana

Lawyer, Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy. Studying Talent MBA at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina.

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