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God of covenants

By Oscar Uncal

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The Holy Scriptures show us that He is a God of Covenants. ... He made one with Abraham (Senhal the Circumcision), made one with Noah (Senhal the Iris Arch), made one with David (his house would reign forever) and this was accomplished through Jesus, made one with Solomon (he accepted the Temple built by Solomon and made it his house of sacrifices).

He made one with us: Mt 26:28 “For this is my blood of the new covenant which for many is shed for remission of sins” and through this New Covenant the most holy Lord is in the assurance of our spiritual freedom, giving us his Holy Spirit so that he may live in us, we shall love 1 Co 6:19/20 “Do you ignore that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is in you, which have of God and which is not of you? For they were bought for a price; glorify therefore God in his body and in his spirit, who are of God.” The Lord pays a high price for all humanity, of course not all humanity wanted to have a personal contact with Him, for this would imply a delivery of all that we are, by declining our own will in the possession of a greater will to ourselves which is the will of the Father.

But there is something that we have to internalize and while we do it will be better for us and this is that every thing we do here on earth has a price that we will have to pay, let us see that says Gn 8:22 “While the earth remains, the seed and the harvest, the cold and the heat, the summer and the winter and the day and the night will not cease.” Here are four spiritual laws and on three of them we have nothing to do, but we only adapt, for example: when it is cold we shelter, but this law will give you a lung, now, concerning Siembra and the Cosecha, the Lord tells us to “take what you have remembered”

God of Covenants

In the beginning God created the healthy land and free from contamination and it was the man who abused it inappropriately and today is harvesting not pleasant fruits and being the victim of his own greed. The Lord is always a propitious to those who call upon him, to those who want to sacrifice their will in the possession of Him, to those who repent in search of their forgiveness, we will see some of the things done by their children 1. The remains of Egypt miraculously. 2.- He made them cross the Red Sea in dry. 3.- The miraculously fed for 40 years in the desert. 4.- He gave them water out of the rock. 5.- His dress and his footwear never became old and various etc., more.

Now having all this in mind (i.e. sowing and harvesting and the care of God toward his) and returning to the covenant he made with us, we should not know that he told us that there would be signs and that we should be attentive to them, one is that of “The fig tree”, Jesus said: from the fig tree we learn the parable: When your branch is tender and leaves sprout, they know that summer is near.

Therefore, seeing the current times and the things that move on the whole earth, we could infer that there may be anger on the part of the Lord with his creation and will always be latent his Word in us, for example 2 Cr 7:14 “If my people are humbled, upon which my name is invoked and pray and seek my face and become content with their evil ways; then I will pray from heaven and forgive their sins and sanctify their land.”

We know that he has everything under control, nothing escapes, not even a hair that falls from our head and we are convinced that He will take care of his children until he comes through them in a cloud, we should only be attentive and take into account some keys, the most important thing is to become the Lord and become of all heart.

Clearly, the Lord has a very fervent desire and the same is that we put him in the first place and so He will sanctify our quarters, ours and those of our family, only we have to listen to his voice, keep in our heart and put it by work and He will put the nations on our heads, only I have to ask because our hearts are sensitive to the voice of the Lord and that we turn to Him and to Ben... will do to you!!! Love!

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