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The support of Messi to the selected female

By Carmela Delvitto

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We are in the middle of the world of female football and Lionel. Messi was photographed with the shirt of the selected Argentinean in support symbol. Why is this message so important?

For a long time football has ceased to be a sport “only for men”. More and more are women who play football, who go to the field or who simply enjoy watching a game on television. Love and fanaticism for t-shirts is a reflection of the popularity of this sport and what causes in people, both men and women.

The 'bloke core' trend

While we expect the world to arrive in 2022, in Fashion Tiktok The viral trend ‘bloke core’. This style is characterized by arming looks combining football shirts with casual clothes and incursions in these otfits for day to day activities.[caption id="attachment_ 10884" align="aligncenter" width="814"] People with outfits style 'bloke core'[/caption]

For all those born and raised in Latin America, we are not faced with anything innovative. How many times have we met in the supermarket with a person using the t-shirt of a selected national? Or came some familiar with the ‘housebokita"to Sunday's ass? Martín Palermo, Julián Álvarez, Enzo Pérez... are names that echo in the football folklore and we can see stamps on people's patches. However, I wonder: Where are the t-shirts with the names of the women of the selected Argentinean?

Inequality in sport

A woman who practices this sport professionally does not have the same salary as a man who does. Not even the same recognition as them on the part of society. I would dare to say that there are few women athletes per know they have the same level of recognition as professional players. Or have you ever seen a man carrying a shirt of Luciana Aymar with the same pride as that of Messi or that of Maria?

Through bloke core, many women managed to enter in a way in the world of football. However, this does not reach. We are facing a facade and a consolation prize given to them, since in sport we continue to fight for equality. Women's footballers have to have the recognition they deserve, but above all, they deserve to stop being victims of macho comments loaded with prejudices. Last year, Elle magazine published some photos referring to how we supposedly play women in football: with loose hair and tacos.

[caption id="attachment_ 10887" align="aligncenter" width="571"] Images taken from a video from @martinacablog where it showed the photo session held by Elle magazine.[/caption]

Today Messi shows us he's a captain out of the field, too. As a top figure of the sport in the world, he managed to visibilize and show support to the girls of our selection during the women's football world. We communicate that football - or - continues to be football that plays him, that there is no sports only for men and that everyone deserves the same breath and swollen. Let's go to our selection! I started the Argentine women's football team![/caption]

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Carmela Delvitto

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