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The Art of Romper with the Indiference. The Rol of the Rural Schools in Argentina: How to help?

By enrique tourvel

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In one of his most famous works, Erich Fromm - dissepulo de Freud - explains to us, introductory way, that all art takes with it the improvement of two variables: theory and practice. The theory is based on all that knowledge whose source is the proper study of this art: the idea (in platonic mode).

Practice has to do with it. The ideas that are not realized are summed up in a limbo of indifference and experience the desidia and melancholy of what was not.

In late 2019, in the midst of a social crisis that persists today, two friends with an idea decided to take it to practice. This idea consisted of providing social assistance to people on the street. I was added to this group, which still not constituted as a civil association, was already called "Cuchitril With Love".

Every Thursday, the team gathered in Vicky's department and, between clothing piles, national rock background, and a lot of joy, undertaken its way through the city to not only provide material support, but also to listen to those who are never heard.

This narrative is in the past because in 2023 we were able to materialize an yearning that we had as a group: incursions in the educational sphere. Unfortunately, in our country, a high rate of structural poverty prevails and we believe that one of the ways to address this problem is through education.

The rural school "April 2".

Four years later, with much more knowledge of how to do things and with much practice and, in particular, constancy, this team is sponsoring a rural school in the town of Cayastá, Province of Santa Fé. They provide students and their families with food, inducing and, in particular, infrastructure school. They also prepare workshops and regular visits.

It is important to emphasize the social function that have rural schools in our territory. In this respect, it should be noted that 34% of school students are at risk of malnutrition and, in more than one case, the school results in the place where students receive their main - or unique - food dish of the day. The school has a director, a teacher, a cook and 24 students of different ages.

The Cuchitril team has already achieved - with the collaboration of its donors - objectives such as the equipment of the classrooms, the provision of clothing and useful schoolchildren, the change of the electric cable and the realization of comprehensive health workshops. Today, the most urgent priority is to get the funds to make possible the balanced diet that boys need for the effects of their certain growth.

In this direction, medical teams participated to implement a minimum diet. The same search is covered with the monthly sum that grants the Province of Santa Fé in food concept and a weekly amount that sends the civil association. But although it is of great help, instability, rising prices and rising food prices under transport costs to rural areas make money insufficient.

How to help?

Economic and food donations today support the foundation and drive this Civil Association to continue improving the lives of people who have no resources to cover their basic needs. Cuchitril has a method of automatic debit donations, which facilitates the monthly budget to address the necessary projects that help boys and their families.

Donations can also be made for once, contacting the boys in case they have clothes to donate, non-perishable foods, or even every hand of the one who wants to participate in this social project as a volunteer, is welcome.

To contact the team, you can send a direct message through your Instagram profile (@cuchitril.conamor) or through Whatsapp to number 11-3486-9263.

"I'm human, nothing human is mine"

This phrase, Latin painters, written in 165 BC by Publio Terencio Africano, makes us think of the rupture of extreme individualisms, the importance of community life. In the essence of looking at the side and somehow understanding that in each person there is a different world, which in turn results to be the same as we all carry on.

It is also seen that duality in which all, being distinct, find unity in the common.

"The art of loving", that work mentioned in an introductory way at the beginning of this note, develops the theory and practice of this art. In his separation from the different types of love, Fromm dedicates an entire chapter to love for others.

The provision of a service, making it less tortuous and happier the life of those we love fills us with satisfaction.

The possibility of giving a hand to those we do not know is an act of uninterested love that is sweated in the most perfect form of this art.

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enrique tourvel

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