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The murder of Fernando Báez Sosa A classist and racist background crime?

By Mariano Margarit

The murder of Fernando Báez Sosa A classist and racist background crime?


A classist and racist background crime?

“Chicos well”, “power agent”, “rugbiers”, “caducou”, “leave me as trophy”, “flasheamos and kill someone”, “silence pact”. All these are concepts that have been written over the last days of this new year that began remembering the third anniversary for the death of that young young man at the exit of a bowl after a dispute (supposedly) fruit of a shock in a pogo, which has vary versions about its beginning (a blow among all members, a poured drink, a push, etc.) and none officially clarified.It is known that the socio-economic position of the victim's family is not of a high class, but that it could be considered of a low or directly low middle class; on the other hand, the sport of Rugby has always been directly associated with “pontes” or “good” families. To this point that the defender lawyer, Dr. Fernando Burlando, volunteered voluntarily to carry forward the case (which can be seen as a good gesture or as self-advertising). While the accused and their families come from somewhat higher socio-economic environments (and this has already been mentioned in other sources also); on the other hand, one of the lawyers of the families of the accused, Dr. Hugo Tomei, constantly pointed out the media maneuvers, the bad CPR carried out, and now another factor is added: the letter of some forensic doctors who say they do not know how they really died.Anyway, none of the accused asked for forgiveness and their parents either, but they regret living this situation and not the death of an innocent boy in which it has already proved that in different ways their children were involved, even claiming that at least “their children are alive and with them”. In fact, one of the tweets of the father of one of the accused (of Matias Benicelli specifically) shows that he carried his son of hunting and celebrated the death of animals (in the photo one can see the feast with the words “today killed his first deer”) as if he were meritorious (despite the legality of hunting, since that instance it already seemed to be teaching to feel superior and owner of the life of other living psychology), Fernando Baez Sosa, in that case, was an animal that had to take him dead as a trophy the same as that deer?There have been many crimes similar to the departure of the bowls, unfortunately, that is, starring at rugbiers (and in all there is the same justification: “sound like that”, “high-class sleep”, “if they believe superior”, “will understand their head”), but nevertheless, this crime has had a greater impact than other cases because they have begun to see these details of the lives of the accused who denote them as violent people who have come to reminded themTaking into account all the above, we should ask the following: do attackers' parents enjoy their condition and socioeconomic status so that they can have the best advantage and tajada in the trial? Has there been bribes to the justice that intervene in this case? Did the attackers feel superior for any reason to kill someone like Fernando? Was it by its skin color or why they saw it “bueno” or “pobrecito” at that time? So much drill was generated by a bad pogo made? Is rugby really a sport prone to generating this kind of behavior? I urge the reflection to know if in depth there was a feeling or emotion of the racist or clasist type of feeling superior to the victim by the attackers, and to better understand why they act in a gang to attack and above kill someone who had done nothing wrong at that time. For the next note, also referred to the same topic, it will be said about the supposed culture that guarantees this kind of “rugbier” behavior that, in some way, was naturalized.To better argue what I say, I recommend watching the PIPA movies on Netflix, and also EL CLAN: a good combination to understand in what extent influences the sport and social classes at the time of feeling above the rest.

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