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The origin: Qatar 2022 and an unbeatable illusion

By Francisco José Mantel

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The origin: Qatar 2022 and an unbeatable illusion

8 years, 4 months and 8 days. A pass André Schürrle and a definition of Mario Götze. Something has changed in our lives forever. Or at least mine. Some assumed it from the beginning and others fell with time. The reality is that that July 13, 2014 is no longer a date in the calendar. That day we experience pain, but also passion. And to feel such a passion it must have felt pain. The pain mobilizes you. It's cruel and doesn't forgive you. But it always gives you a more chance. It always gives you rematch.

Football gave us a lot of pain, which we made him passion, to later turn him into rematch. The finals lost in 30 and 90. The evil I bring from 94 and the disappointment of 98. The failure of 2002. What could have been and was not in 2006. The 2010 vapuleada. The 2014 puñal and the unexplained in 2018. The finals of the Copa América lost against Chile in 2015 and 2016. Messi's resignation to Selection and Messi's return to the Selection. The caching of Brazil in 2019 when it seemed to leave the flote, plant flag and sing victory. For many years we feed on the pain, it's true, but we never get that crack out of the chest. We've always been there, by your side, masticing the drill, but filling ourselves with passion. Until it happened.July 10, 2021. The ending we'll remember forever. The 1-0 to Brazil in Maracaná with an iconic goal of Angel Di Maria, after an exact pass of Rodrigo de Paul. Lionel Andrés Messi's first official title with Argentina. The backpack stayed on the ground, the study sheets lost value and the critical books became ridiculous. It was the end for a few and a new beginning for several, that we so much faded.

August 1, 2022. Almost a year later, Argentina won 3-0 to Italy in Wembley, England, for the title of the Most Final. Lautaro Martínez, Di María and Dybala, the night pickers. Argentina was another team. Much looser, danced inside the field and shined back to the taste of all the Argentines and the taste of our history. Two titles in less than 12 months. What we couldn't achieve for so many years, started to come true in a handful of months. We begin to charge the price of the effort and the fruit of the rematch. The seat of victory. And the famine of glory...

It was 3 lost endings and two eliminations. Then two titles obtained. A set of errors and learning, a preparation path, a layer renewal and a time-traveling technician, our “Leonidas de Pujato”, Lionel Scaloni. Tilded as a “don no one” when he arrived, he managed to gain the respect and honor of all Argentines. From inexpert he passed the specialist, overcoming large teams and coaches. A group leader who knew how to command a team that became strong to the coups, teaching, through victory and humility, where the way was.

Argentina lives its best football moment in a long time and will seek to crown history in Qatar. Already concentrated a few days ago in this country and with the 26 players at the disposal, the worldist dream is in progress and is unbeatable. Children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. A whole country. 45 million Argentines with the same goal: to see our captain raise the World Cup on December 18. The emotional investment we're willing to give the Argentines is very big. There's nothing else on the street. Diaries, social networks, communities. The dream plunges everyone into the same ocean. The possibilities are. Beliefs are fervent and faith is intact. The group is united and the country is also.ARGENTINA!

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Francisco José Mantel

Hello, my name is Francisco Mantel, I am 24 years old and I am a Bachelor of Communication Sciences. I currently work at the River Plate Club as a content creator, within the Communication and Brand team. I really like Radio and interviews. Sportsman. Soccer.
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