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The role of young people in the presidential elections 2023 and the right-wing resurgence in Argentina.

By Maria Dolores Goggi

The role of young people in the presidential elections 2023 and the right-wing resurgence in Argentina.

As a 20-year-old political science student constantly immersed in the influence of social networks such as X, Instagram, and even TikTok, I first-hand experienced a network of political campaigns aimed especially at my generation in the context of the 2023 presidential elections. These campaigns have skillfully played with our values, hartazgo expressions and appealed to the emotivity of the Argentines.

In this political scenario, some actors have sought to regain the trust of the people by reintroducing historical concepts such as democracy, re-established the word fear and dictatorship and exhausted state resources to resurface their campaign and perpetuate their mandate. While others adopted more disruptive approaches, proposing ideas of change and order in the population. The latter have connected with the growing disenchantment of much of the Argentine population, promising to transform the system from its roots, using the metaphor of the "motor" to symbolize the reduction of the size and domination of the state.

By exploring the various political currents, the purpose of this analysis is not to focus on the candidates themselves, but rather to highlight the fundamental role played by the young militants of different spaces, who, from my perspective, have been the protagonists and a powerful focus of attention and influence throughout the election campaign.

It is common knowledge that this year our country celebrates the 40 years of the resurgence of democracy, and in this speech, the populist militants, mostly university and young people with left ideology, have played a prominent role throughout Argentine history. However, despite the persistence of this populist hegemony, I want to highlight those I consider the “heroes” of the Argentine nation in these elections of 2023.

Llamemoslos libertarians, right, center, tired people of the current government, insecurity, corruption, inflation, among other characteristics. However, I want to focus on this group, especially in youth, which stood out for questioning and breaking with the status quo and the present left hegemony that had caught the attention of the people in most of the history of our country.

From my point of view, this sector purely stigmatized and repudiated by certain sectors and the opposition, faced a considerable challenge with limited resources to express itself. However, thanks to social networks, they were able to give it back to this situation. Young people of my age, even more or less have used the use of politics and cyber militancy (not even knowing) to be part of the discussions of society. Young libertarians, despite being protagonists of great prejudices by calling them "negationists" "anti-rights" by saying that they emanated a message of "odium", managed to overcome different fallacies and brought to politics perspectives and questions that never before dared to express, challenging the idea that being Argentine and voting right was a crime.

Since my perception, the support given to candidates like Javier Milei by this sector is perceived as deeply heroic and courageous. It is not easy to be under everyone's gaze and freely express our opinions in the current world. In these 2023 elections, youth has played a key role in challenging the predominant narratives and providing a voice to those who have been marginalized for years in the Argentine political landscape.

In summary, in this electoral process, I consider that youth has not only been a spectator, but a crucial actor in the configuration of political discourse, highlighting the importance of the active participation of the new generations in the construction of the nation's future. From my point of view, these elections marked a milestone in Argentine political history, highlighting the vitality and determination of a youth that seeks its space and contributes to diversity and rupture with preconceived and dragged ideas for generations in this country.

Author: Maria Dolores Goggi

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Maria Dolores Goggi

Hello! My name is Maria Dolores Goggi, I am 20 years old and I am studying Political Science at the University of Córdoba. I am passionate about politics, and spending hours discussing with friends about philosophy and various social issues that surround me. I find writing and saying what I think like therapy. I would like to immerse myself in the world of communication and give a voice to people who may not yet be encouraged to raise theirs.


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