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Be in a couple, a mango in Argentine politics

By Depoliticaopino

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Never in the history of our country there was one or a single or single president.

From 1938 until now all the Presidents of our country have been accompanied by a

First lady or first gentleman. The only "exception" was Maria Estela Martínez, who assumed

After her husband died, João Domingo Perón.

This seems to be an insignificant data, but with the new news about Javier Milei's dating, the role

of the couple of a presidential candidate seems to gain protagonism. If the media speaks of a

"political help" of the candidate is because, clearly, being in a couple is important politically.

Before, one could say that he would let her go to a man or woman of more than 30 years was practically

inconceivable. The values on the traditional family occupied an important place in society and was

It is logical that a president is expected to fulfill them. However, today, a time when one

I would believe that no one pays attention to the civil state of people and, moreover, projects are encouraged.

personal and individual about the idea of family, being in a couple follows "human points". La

That's why.

A critique of Larreta who heard a lot in his mouth during these elections was "sacies

Is Larreta with a friend of your daughter? "Larreta married the woman of her best

deceased friend." At his time, a hard blow in the race of Martín Lousteau was that they would find him

in a car with Juana Viale, who was waiting for a baby with his partner. Beyond the scandal

Farandulero, the phrase "Lousteau is able to be with a pregnant woman" heard very

During his campaign, Chief of Staff.

Being in a couple brings several preconceptions about a person. Among them,

Affective responsibility, ability to build something solid and be attractive to another. Besides, if

well the progressive agenda of our country tries to highlight and promote that the family is no longer a

Argentine value, the population seems to reject these policies and continue seeking an ideal candidate for

President, which includes having a stable loving bond. It is not so, it is not understood why

The media rightly consider that the couple attracts voters.

Today, a criticism of Javier Milei is his affective bonds. His devotion to his sister and I treat him to his

dogs allow people to catalog it as "a madman". The new news of his girlfriendzgo seems to do

After brushing all those based on the candidate's bonds to attack him: he is no longer a man

unstable that has a worrying relationship with his sister; he is a man capable of being in a couple,

that has a romantic side that the people do not know, and that is being defended by the girlfriend when

They attack their ability to bind with the rest.

I don't know if it's a real novel or not, but wonderful play Javier Milei.

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