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There was a time when Bs As was deserted

By Anabelia Marrapodi

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Imagen de portada

Buenos Aires descendta, did not look like the megalopolis that is

Buenos Aires was deserted, it did not look like a megalopolis with its people, noise and cellular as it is known.

If we zoom in to get closer and imagine for a moment that virus only affected Bs As and that the rest of the world knew what was going on, I wonder how to play, what would a newly arrived tourist think?

It would certainly take a very different impression of what this city really is.

" In Bs As there are not as many people as they say, there are no people on the streets, it is not such a busy city, it has many services but I do not know why they have them if there is no one on the street”...

" In Bs As there are not as many people as we thought, it makes no sense to invest there, few people, little gain, is to lose money”...

It seems so innocent and even childish the report, but evidences the ignorance of these people who have been led by appearance, so we see, without deepening the theme.

It's not that in Bs As there were no people, we couldn't leave at that moment.

Similarly, with equal logic of thought, it is the response of many to the attempt to raise awareness about the needs of the#personsdisappearanceand the environment# Discapacita #in a city with#urban barsand edilicias.

With this same logic, without conscience or deepening in the subject, answers are obtained that detail the situation, and they want to doubt the existence of the need:

If there aren't so many people with disabilities in the city?

Isn't there, or can't they leave?

The lack of knowledge of the subject does not mean its nonexistence.Look at your city, your neighborhood, your building, your trade, your workplace, your home... could someone with♪ Discapacity ♪circular, enter, buy, work, study, pass to visit? Do you believe you have no desire or need to do the same activities you have?

A first big step for things to change is to start# To take consciousness.

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Anabelia Marrapodi

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