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The forgotten ecology in a U.S. pueblito

By santiago baeck

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Train accident in Ohio with toxic contaminant

On February 3 he derailed a train in East Palestine, a pueblito in the state of Ohio, which contained a highly toxic contaminant for the environment and for the human being. Vinyl chloride is a gaseous substance transported as liquid under pressure. This substance enters by aerea or by ingesting contaminated food, and by being mostly gaseous its transport, it can attack large populated areas, killing the fauna and population of the site. It is that by contacting the air, it can react by releasing hydrogen chloride (ClH) and phosgen, the most commonly used compound as a chemical weapon in World War I. Unfortunately, it is also not stable and incendiary, but the most significant is that it is cancerous in the human being (Riesgo 1 second IARC). This compound can generate liver cancer, CNS or blood, and other impacts such as spontaneous abortions and malformations on the babies, humans, and the death of animals and plants, which is of vital importance to have away from ecosystems.

As for the accident, little is known for lack of media, revealing the mysteries of this accident and the secrecy of the country in question. The actions of the local authorities did not have a happy development: before the stroke, they were evacuated 1.6 km to the round, tried to contain and understand the situation, and then decided that to control the situation a controlled explosion should be carried out. So far, unfortunately, they have not found actions to mitigate the impacts associated with explosions carried out by themselves. And the people evacuated, away from their homes, jobs and schools, and plausible to get sick, have gone and are the most affected in all this theme.

The liberation and the lack of criteria when dealing with this theme makes us think of the little seriousness that was given to the theme. Similarly, the minimum press that has been on this event and the decision to avoid comments from the president increases the concern about future serious impacts that, far from seeking the solution because that is – a serious impact on the environment – will attack the problem on the advertising side, and can generate actions that further impact people and the place where they live in a position to minimize the serious that can be sick, without animals and without place to plant food without pollutants.


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santiago baeck

santiago baeck

I am an Environmental Engineer with great interest in industrial processes, energy and, of course, the environment. Oriundo de Neuquén, a resident of CABA, worked to improve this unique world that we have to our responsibility.


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