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Lei Jun, ¿el falso Steve Jobs?

By Horacio Gustavo Ammaturo

Lei Jun, ¿el falso Steve Jobs?

Probably few of you have heard of Lei Jun.

Mr. Jun is the exception that proves the rule that our Chancellor enunciated when defining that "all Chinese are alike".

In this case they say that the resemblance would be with the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

Perhaps because of the leadership he has achieved in a short time in the technology sector with his company Xiaomi, which ranks third in global sales in the smartphone segment, after no less than Apple and Samsung.

Or for his influence in the creation of innovative technological products such as the Xiaomi AI Literacy Glasses, augmented reality glasses that can identify objects, distance, location, color, text and human faces, or the smart scarf that can heat up to 50 degrees Celsius, to give as an example.

Perhaps, you may see him as similar to the creator of the IPhone because of his simple look, jeans and dark T-shirt.

Far from being an imitator or a simple copy, his company was one of the companies that patented the most innovations in the last three years, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Today, Xiaomi has a presence in more than 37 countries and is a leader in 22 world markets, including France and Italy.

Its product portfolio is of the most varied, including Smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Internet Services, Televisions, Headsets, Tablets, Air Fryers, Smart Watches, Scooters or Air Conditioners without backpacks.

Up to this point we could say that the Chinese company could follow in the footsteps of the Apple giant, however, when it comes to electric cars Xiaomi has recently launched its SU7 model while in February this year, Apple canceled its autonomous electric car project, also known as Project Titan, after 10 years of work, more than 5,000 employees and 10 billion dollars invested.

With a futuristic design comparable to Elon Musk's famous Tesla or the German brand's expensive Porsche Taycan, Xiaomi's car is priced at almost half the cost of the cheapest version of the Tesla and less than a quarter of the value of the German alternative.

Perhaps comparing the founder of Xiaomi with other entrepreneurs leads us to compose a combination of several titans of industry and technology, something that already positions him as the continuator of a dynasty of creative dreamers who, fortunately for consumers, sometimes make their dreams come true.

Article written on May 10, 2024, by Gustavo Ammaturo, who has been with us at FinGurú since the beginning and whom we will miss every day.

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