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The cases of teenage suicide continue to increase, what can we do from home?

By Nadia Soledad Perino

The cases of teenage suicide continue to increase, what can we do from home?

When a person expresses himself with such a disturbing message, he is not only in the particularity of the same or his closest environment, he also tells us all as a community, as families, as institutions. And why not, as a culture.

What we can do before this problem that continues to grow and crosses us all. He's over the pandemic, yeah. But she's been pregnant for a while, and maybe that just made it worse.

Every 40 seconds someone dies for this cause that can be prevented. Over 800,000 people a year.

This complex event of human life usually gives us such rejection that somehow we tend to, perhaps unconsciously, escape not to shock us with pain. I'm sure that, in the background, when you think of a person who commits suicide, you empathize. We feel in our own guts that terrible and profound pain that you should feel to commit this violence to yourself. What could have happened that you couldn't bear it? And fortunately, who did not pass through such a painful moment that he felt to lose hope in the face of life? Although that moment was fleeting.

The difference in how we manage this emotion is key, and also the support network.

The lack of awareness remains one of the main obstacles to the search for help. Today, I have some information and the proposal to create community links, network and co-responsibility. It is important to recognize the contribution that each of us can make of our place to be a community that sustains, accompanies and cares. The problem of suicide is not just a medical-sanitary problem. It requires rethinking, collaborating, participating, consensuating and building the culture in which we want to live and in which we want to develop our adolescents, who are in full stage of changes and building their identity and life project.

In the social imaginary, suicide tends to be thought of as an individual act, however, the WHO states that “no factor is sufficient to explain why one person commits suicide; suicidal behavior is a complex phenomenon that is affected by various interrelated factors: personal, social, psychological, cultural, biological and environmental”. (WHO, 2014:11) “In this sense, although mental suffering is usually one of the factors considered, it is important to insist on the idea that self-inflicted violence does not respond linearly to a single cause: The socially naturalized association between severe mental suffering and suicide tends to invisibilize the dynamic relationship between the social context and this problem. ”Comprehensive approach to adolescence suicide).

Some contributions the Ministry of Health provides:

  • The person who kills himself doesn't want to die. The person who has suicidal ideas is moving forward a situation of ambivalence in his life, that is, I would like to die if his life continues the same way, but I would like to live if there are significant changes in it.
  • Suicide or suicide attempt may occur during a depressive process or not.Suicide behaviors have been associated with depression, substance abuse, schizophrenia and other mental diseases, as well as destructive and aggressive behaviors. However, this association should not overlap. There is no direct relationship between the suffering that has those who wish to end their lives and the suffering or mental illnesses.
  • Talking to a person about his intentions of killing himself does not increase the possibility of committing suicide. Dialogue on the subject reduces the possibility of committing it and can be an opportunity to help those who are suffering.
  • It is believed that what it says or threatens to take life, does not, but, most of the people who commit suicide, made known the purpose of ending their lives.Every person before committing a suicide attempt evidences a number of signs that to be detected in time can help avoid it. Suicide does not occur only by impulse.

How to prevent

  • Recognizing Alert Signals
    • Isolation
    • Persistence of negative ideas
    • Difficulty in eating, sleeping and working
    • Hope
    • Unconsolidated Llanto
    • Repentino change of conduct
  • Show interest and support
  • Respecting the different expressions of feelings
  • Removing prejudices. Suicide is neither good nor bad, nor a criminal fact, is a situation of suffering

What we can do from home, from school, from every space, motivating people:

  • So you can talk about how you feel
  • So they have healthy friendships
  • To make decisions autonomously
  • To learn how to handle stress and difficulty situations
  • To learn to persevere when the occasion requires and to resign when necessary
  • To have good self-esteem
  • To develop skills and emotional intelligence to solve problems

The development of social skills, working to reinforce good self-esteem and personal development prevents suicide.

I will take into account

  • Being attentive is the way to keep up
  • Dialogue is not an interrogation, but rather sharing a moment
  • If the person does not have access to a treatment, he should not be required. Continue to follow and talk, while a single one performs a consultation with a professional

We wish to have aroused the will to engage with this cause or, if you are already doing, have reinforced this commitment!

We know the fundamental of community active role, because, among other causes that encompass the multi-causality of suicide, the absence of significant people or spaces that may contain, sustain, protect and accompany adolescents in their development. This significant person is not necessarily someone of the family or of their nearest environment, the proposal is that he is aware of being that positive referential of someone more than perhaps, without you being aware, is ready to observe and support you when you need it.

Promotes the creation of bonds, listening spaces, dialogue, sharing and, above all, of humanity. We're all on the same boat.

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nadia perino

Nadia Soledad Perino

Hi, my name is Nadia Perino, I'm general director and co-founder of Humanitarianism Community a social impact project that works for the prevention of teenage suicide, personal development and community education.

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