11/19/2022 - Politics and Society


By Abba Leneke


To mark the day of international men, I thought about what men were going through and how not easy it was for men.

We were only children when we learned about the expectations of society by what men should be like and what we should follow. We take every day to sleep our pains to demonstrate that we are men, they tell us “Children do not cry” but do not tell us why, when tears begin to fill our eyes, we hide it. We speak of our power to sleep these pains as if it were an emblem of honor.We face both self-stigma and social stigma when we show our emotions or talk about the level of anxiety, low mood and stress. This self-stigma comes from the culture to which we have been conditioned as the narration of who is a man.But guess who the main victims of suicide are? They are young men who do not know the exit of depression.Depression is a terrible thing. Depression caused by chronic pain is not less formidable from a problem than any other medical emergency. When it's not about, you don't talk or get naked, you grow inside us. Before long, depression, anxiety, anger, anger, sadness and despair put themselves in our worlds because we did not know who we were sometimes, or what we were doing.We saw men revolting alone in despair. Many of us have died, by our own hands, or by the pain of our additions, the horror of our demons, and the result is mainly tragic. Young children stay behind, no father. The wives stay behind, like widows. Friends stay behind, wishing they knew something was so bad, wishing the deceased had arrived. Parents stay behind, in the most unnatural order, having buried a child.Talking about our pain is the biggest step we can take, whether we are suffering or seeing someone who is, we should tell someone something. As men, we are proud of strength. We fear to be seen as weak. As all we know is to be harder to feed and protect our loved ones, and that's what they taught us to be.But honestly, we want to be better than that, so today I tell all parents, husbands, young people who try to be better out there, whether they have a mental emergency or have suicidal thoughts, there is always help. As humans, we can help our brothers in the world out there knowing they will have our backs if we were suffering. When we try to do it alone, we prepare for failure and pain.The international day of men has labeled November as Movember, it charges us to talk about our problems. I encourage all those who read this piece to go out with their friends, husbands and brothers, to see if they support them and guarantee their love and their support, and ask them: Is my boy okay? ”

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Abba Leneke

Hi, I’m Abba Leneke, Founder of Nex Hub Solutions, I am an entrepreneur and cyber security enthusiast. I’m a curios person, if an interesting topic comes up in a conversation, I can stay all day discussing it. I work on projects related to tech, sports, politics, and social welfare. As Hobbies I enjoy playing football, spending time with friends, family and loved ones, and watching Real Madrid play.


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