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Not even thieves

By Horacio Gustavo Ammaturo

Not even thieves

At this opportunity I will share a story of something that happened to me this week in the dining courtyard of Paseo Alcorta Shopping Mall.For those unaware of the place, it is a huge salon in which a renowned cook offers, on different islands, all sorts of meals, mainly Mediterranean, however, in this case, was tasting a spectacular burger who is asked as “catcher and pepe” in reference to its main ingredients, cheese and pepper.Housed at a high table, I left my bell in the chair support and in one of his pockets the wallet.Probably, the dish took much of my attention, also always try to be pending of the things that happen around me, in fact, I have a tic that is to periodically review if the keys of the car and the house are or if the closure of the pocket is closed. However, someone with useful hands and a friend of the others, was able to take out the wallet, remove the things that, in their view, had value, and then save it again.It was just a couple of hours later, when looking for my credit card to pay a purchase I noticed that all my cards were missing and some dollars that was hidden in a hidden envelope. Identity document, driving license and weights remained intact, several thousand notes, some five hundred and others one hundred.They certainly were professional thieves who knew what they were looking for, only valuable things.Where did they take our devaluated pests, which neither do the jets want them?And that's it. Each $100 bill is the equivalent of almost 50 thousand pesos, sum that no wallet could save on Argentine pesos.Unknown credit or debit cards offer more purchasing power expectations than any amount in cash that can be transported in a pocket or even in a wallet.The money lost much of its transactional power by the physical volumen that involves making habitual purchases.The average tickets for grocery shopping exceed $20,000 and a large monthly purchase quietly approaches the $100,000. Not to mention the clothes. Any piece in a brand site costs tens or hundreds of thousands of weights.Even, a meal in a restaurant can cost over $17,000 per person and much more if accompanied by a good wine.In Argentina, money is losing, along with inflation, its functionality.Bank vaults are true low-value paper logistics deposits, which in many cases cost more content, storage, insurance and custody than their nominal amount indicates.A few days ago, I received $10,000 in a hundred notes, something that reminded me of the times of Néstor Kirchner in which they cared and assailed as if they were gold. Thinking with three of those we could buy a hundred bucks.The loss of value of our currency, along with the low denomination of physical money, have been paradoxically transformed into a bankruptcy tool, because all that has an account will use transfers or cards to make their payments.Maybe it's time to jump into the future and think of a digital weight that replaces physical money.The excuse for those who think that currency scanning means the loss of freedom does not know that technology can solve any issue of traceability and confidentiality, both of people and of transactions.Instead, on the day of the day, nothing or anyone could solve the use of physical money to delinquite or how to prevent money thefts in cash, as was my case.Well, actually, the weight can be solved...

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horacio gustavo ammaturo

Horacio Gustavo Ammaturo

I am Gustavo Ammaturo. I have a degree in Economics. CEO and Director of infrastructure, energy and telecommunications companies. Founder and mentor of Fintech, DeFi and software development companies. Blockchain Product Designer.

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