2/24/2023 - Politics and Society

Peru: Are the otsiders the solution to social discontent?

By valentina sliwinsky

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The political crisis in Peru: Dead, wounded and social convulsion.

With more than 60 dead and thousands wounded, Peru spends days of great social convulsion. Former agent Pedro Castillo is arrested after Congress dismissed him for attempting to carry out a coup d'état and establishing an "government of exception". Since then, protests and demonstrations have been initiated at various points in the country claiming the resignation of the current president, the closure of the Congress, as well as the call for early elections and a Constituent Assembly.For years the Andean country has experienced great political instability. To have an idea, since Pedro Pablo Kuczynski took over the presidency in 2016, in Peru there were six rulers in six years and one of them, Manuel Merino, who lasted only five days in office. Such a political crisis has seen a solution in the figure of a rural master, until then a total unknown in political sand. It was as, in July 2021, the surprise of all, assumed the presidency Pedro Castillo who was able to impose himself in the polls with 50.12% of the votes against his opposition Keiko Fujimori of the People's Force, who for the third time tried to access the presidency. No one imagined that along with his party Peru Livre, Castelo would obtain the mandate against a country deeply divided and punished by pandemic. However, popular hope would not hide the differences of its incipient government, this is how from its beginning it was noted the power proposal within its party with various renunciations and destitutions. Sadly, Peru was far from getting its coveted stability.

Outsiders: a new policy solution?

In view of this scenario, I consider that the emergence of applicants outside the Community will again be put into discussion. Establishment traditional politician. I think the emergence of the famous “outsiders” seems to mark a trend, not just regional, but global. Such a phenomenon could be attributed to a strong social discontent, to a growing disillusionment of society for the traditional political parties, as well as to the need for a change in the face of the lack of political representation... of all forms, I do not want to ask about these issues, but rather, in the fact that in the face of political instability and the social exhaustion we see ourselves as submerged as a society, I find an extraordinary and extremely positive phenomenon, that is that people who appear as possible That is, they do not challenge democratic tools, and do so, as the case of Peru shows, society firmly rejects it.In addition to the non-traditional emerging that we can see today, and despite the social hartazgo, the society does not “take the board” and again bet on the democratic pathways to return to a political order and achieve better well-being. Will the outsiders be the solution to political instability and social discontent? I think there are no concrete answers yet. It would be simplistic and a general error. However, it is clear that it is a world phenomenon and that it is undoubtedly a symptom of the crisis of representation and the weakening of liberal democracy.

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valentina sliwinsky

valentina sliwinsky

Hello, my name is Valentina Sliwinsky, I am a Bachelor of International Studies at Torcuato Di Tella University. Currently I perform in the area of finance in SAP and work as a volunteer at Fundación Thanks in the fundraising area.

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