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What We Want Place to Occupy as a Nation in the International Scenario

By Ivan S. Sucari

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La Argentina It must be realistic, deeply reflective and critical about the role it desires or needs to occupy in the international scene.

First and foremost, the regional scenario, not only to experience in a lower proportion of each treaty and alliance, analyze its results and take note, but, in turn, to solidify the Mercosur and try to find simpler solutions that, of course, have its corresponding complexity, but, as a free and legitimate nation, grant us the possibility of going to analyze what strategies help us, empower us and favor us, with regard to free trade. We need to create wealth to sustain the state, of great magnitude and of so much unnecessary bureaucracy, which requires reforms.

Evil is null within the macroeconomic margin, which promotes our own longing and ambition of stability and creation of national wealth. The role of the field is vital, our reservation of fosile fuels and especially the Argentine lithium.

Tax reform is imminent and necessary in our homeland. There is no other alternative that facilitates the structural progress that, the nation requires, the people demand and that I personally firmly believe it is a good way to face.

We must give the pyme, the state, the worker and the big companies the tranquility of sustained progress through an aligned plan. At least on the tax side. It is not about enriching some, but rather of progress and sustained, exponential growth, of our nation, of its national industry and the role of the country at international level, so as not to depend so strictly on external factors.

The goal must be based on, solidify our sovereignty and avoid excessive state corruption that weakens us in every way.


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