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Saqueos in Argentina: What's really going on?

By Nicole Laszuk

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Argentina, amidst one of the highest inflations in the world, surpasses 100% homologous. This adds to the recent devaluation of 21%, pacted with the IMF, which caused a 30% price increase, leaving the population in a state of uncertainty and concern.This adverse economic scenario has been the cultivation broth for the looting that arose in stores and supermarkets. With a total of nearly 200 detainees. Currently the country is at the heart of political debate, especially with the general elections around the corner.

We present a summary of what you need to know:

How did they get organized?

Last week, several groups attacked trades in key provinces such as Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba, Neuquén and Rio Negro. According to official data, 150 attempts at pillage were recorded.Social networks flooded with images that reveal how the organization of these groups is, mainly through Telegram, with slogans such as "boys are hungry", although messages of violent tone are also observed.

WhatsApp conversation of one of the looting groups.

What do politicians say?

In the face of these events, President Alberto Fernández described the looting as "organized facts", asked "to take care of democratic coexistence" and promised to take care of "the problems of the Argentines" and their recipes making a call to social peace.However, the government has pointed out opposition figures such as Javier Milei and Patricia Bullrich, accusing them of trying to destabilize democracy. Bullrich, in response, has emphasized the need for "order and authority".

What does this situation teach us?

The current situation in Argentina is a reflection of how economics and politics are intrinsically linked. Economic challenges, if they are not adequately addressed, can trigger social and political tensions.It is necessary that the government work together to find sustainable solutions and restore stability in the country. With the general election two months, keeping informed and understanding the roots of these events is essential for any citizen concerned about the future of Argentina.

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