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About signs and constellations

By Juan Cruz Güimil

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Knowing the world of signs and constellations

They arise, in repeated opportunities (I do not know how) but arise, news where we are told that we should update our signs of the zodiac, that a new sign, a thirteenth sign is incorporated into our zodiacal system.

The so-called “Ofiuco”. Which, according to the current constellation map of the International Astronomical Union, positions it between 29/11 and 15/12, aiming in the middle of Escope and Sagittarius.

These letters are written with the importance of highlighting the origin of where this issue arises, which generates a lot of confusion and operates as a more discredited tool for a millennial discipline as is astrology.

Before nothing I allow myself to make a brief development of the idea of astrology as a symbolic tool of humanity to be able to contextualize a little that I will be talking about in this article.

Andreas Cellarius Atlas Coelestis Your Macrocosmic Harmony

Throughout the history of humanity, all societies have used the movements of the planets as essential elements for the organization of their everyday life. Celebrations, rituals, harvest times, etc. were (and are still) according to planetary movements (mainly those of the Sun and the Moon).

Also, the study of planetary movements (astronomy) and their interpretation (astrology) have always been of hand, until modernity (first-limited luego also by Catholic religion) forbade from full, the teaching of this discipline in the study centers of the time. Until the 17th century, astrology was ensensical at universities

So astrology as symbolic language ceased to occupy a space that actively occupied throughout the evolutionary process of humanity.

It is precisely the product of these limitations to the spirit that has been generating modernity and the way of thinking exclusively scientific and rational that has made astrology today have a renewal and recovery of its meanings, studies and interpretations that are masifying and using in everyday language, recovering its historical place in the human process of understanding that what occurs in heaven has direct correspondence with what occurs below.

But what does astrology interpret? The stars?, the constellations? are the signs and constellations the same?

The Astrologies exist many, just as different societies have inhabited this earth and looked to heaven.

Here I will talk about the astrology I studied and the most extended in our Western world that is TROPICAL ASTROLOGY.

The main foundation of this astrology is the reference it takes for its interpretation. Tropical astrology is based on SIGNOS, the signals are an exact cut of 30 degrees each of the ecliptic (the ecliptic is the line that runs through the sun, it is the apparent path through which the sun appears to be moved around the earth).

The movement of translation of the earth from our point of view gives the appearance that it is the sun moving between the fixed stars until describing in a year a complete circle. This apparent orbit that seems to go through the sun around the earth is called ecliptic, from the Greek ekliptiko kiklos, which means or circle over which eclipses occur. Leaving precisely this ecliptic is where we have the track that is called zodiac, of the Greek Dsodiakos, or wheel of life.

The point between this path and union with the projection of the celestial equator establish a union that is called the VERNAL PUNTO, which is the zero point of the zodiac, that is, the beginning of the sign of Aries and thus, every 30 degrees, a new sign, a new vibratory quality, a part more than a cycle that is installing.

The constellations are random groupings of stars where from antiquity figures were seen, but that product of the so-called movement (precession of the equinoxes, the constellations will change from place (because the earth is located in a different position), at first synchronized the constellation with the sign of aries, but given this movement, no longer occurs the following, (that is why one speaks of the step of the Piscis zotron era of the

As Ale Luna and Vane Maiorana point in Astrohology, the zodiac signs are twelve archaeological images describing the different vibrations of energy, the signals are multidimensional containers of symbols of a natural ordering of vibratory patterns. Each signal is a very specific symbolic matrix, which, in turn, contains symbols and these are distributed as vibratory frequency ranging from subtle to denser and in different dimensions, when we perceive the zodiac as a structure with twelve types of energies ( ranging from Aries to Piscis), in fact, we perceive different wavelengths, because they are vibrations that distinguish one another, while they are part of the same energy spectrum. Astrology is the music of the spheres. Each sign can be observed from its energetic essence and also from its psychological manifestation: the way our human psyche can experience, tolerate or express this energy.

In short, the zodiacal system, the signals, will not be affected by the discovery or intervention of any new constellation, the sun will continue to make its same path and nosotres will continue to see it transit through these 12 archaeological stations of the sky.

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