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Are individual actions the way to combat environmental problems?

By Catalina Valenzuela

Are individual actions the way to combat environmental problems?

Postureeco-centrist:Is it possible to change the environment?

Perhaps there is a more established attitude when it comes to climate crisis, which points to our ways of dealing with society, our actions that have no climate consciousness and confers “tips to be more ecological”.
  • Reduce time in the shower
  • Walking in transport
  • Modify Power
In these "tips", we focus on individual activities that must change in order to change environmental reality. Indeed, the posture that positions itself in the drive of each of us is the one that represents the society as a consumer, seeing the solution in individual conviction and change of attitude.

It's this posture. eco-centrist what can be faced with the climate crisis?

We must understand that this is positioned from the idea of a nature self-regulation and that what generates its imbalance is the same society, but does not explain or question the relationship that exists between the production system we have and the environmental consequences that can generate.Often the ecocentrist posture falls on the signaling to the other and the generation of guilt. Not everyone has the privilege of, for example, changing their diet. Not only for its value, if not for the lack of access to information to do so in a healthy and adequate manner. In addition, on the basis of a solution that only denies individual action, it is not to visitize the weight of the consequences of production models and large sectors of society with economic interests. This exceeds our individual attitude.However, it does not mean that individual actions do not matter the time to refer to the environment. Of course, because it contributes to building awareness about our currentness and the way we consume it. But we also have to understand that, although we reduce our shower time or change our diet, the changes will not depend on all this.This discussion or questioning is a gray point of nuances where individual actions should not be the only one pointing. Start questioning consumer models.Individual actions are of great importance, as they encompass a way of acting and compel us from a basis, but should be given in the balance of these questions and not only in the limitation of the individual, in the event of a structural change.

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Catalina Valenzuela

Hi, my name is Catalina, I'm a diploma in marketing and cultural management. I like communication and action of it. I am challenged by environmental issues, I am passionate about art, philosophy and dynamics in which all this is interrelated in society and has an impact in different ways.

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