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Vote for emotion.

By Horacio Gustavo Ammaturo

Vote for emotion.

Without the encouragement of assuming some political preference, within the framework of the presidential elections held in Argentina this year, I invite them to reflect on how the Argentines vote.A few years ago I saw the film Lucy, released in 2014 and starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, among other actors.In addition to the screenplay of the film Lucy, she accidentally ingests some kind of synthetic drug that leads her to increase her mental ability by using 100% of the brain potentials that man has.In this way begins a path in which reasoning imposes itself on emotion, becoming a being cold, observer, silent and effective, putting in extreme evidence the essential qualities of everything being alive as being, being born, growing, reproducing, surviving and dying.Emotions can be true specixes that lead us to confuse the desert with an oasis, which move us away from reality and take our observations according to our states of mind or prejudice.That's why identifying emotions is very significant to understand what goes on and understand how we behave.In summary, we can identify six types of emotions, each with its own adaptive purpose:

  1. Fear: anticipation of a threat or danger that produces anxiety, uncertainty, insecurity, which fundamentally serves to protect and be precarious.
  2. Sorprise: overwhelming, astonishing, uncertain which seeks to reorient itself in the face of an unexpected situation.
  3. AscoRepulsion that seeks to keep us away from what produces us, even if it is taking the look.
  4. Enojo: drill, resentment, fury, irritability, which urges us to fight and destruction.
  5. Joy: feeling of well-being, of security which is recorded as a good memory and is sought to repeat.
  6. Sadness: Pen, loneliness, pessimism that will leave traces in our psyche to prevent us from going through these situations again.
Obviously there are more sympathetic emotions than others, but all coexist in our psychology and are necessary.Something that distinguishes the most intelligent people is the regulation of emotions.We can choose between being sad or angry all life or just a while, the same happens with joy, permanent optimism is an indicator of denial.It is recognized as emotional intelligence to the ability to manage emotions.Be aware of the concept of "impermanence" is one of the main tools for dealing with euphoria and depression, the “This will also happen”, helps us deal with the unpleasant moments and enjoy the good.As in individuals, societies have emotional collectives that wield their vision and define their decisions, sometimes in opposite circumstances to what reason or convenience might indicate.The results of the Passo and the first round elections are indicators of the emotional vail that is passing our electorate.Each of the three majority candidates designed in voters a distinctive emotional pattern to win their vote. Let's see:Together for Change, he looked at the anger of all that was not in accordance with his proposal. Your slogan “If it’s not all, it’s nothing” It was very helpful and it was finally nothing. On the other hand, eternal anger at the same enemy has always witnessed failure in previous management. Enojo, sadness and asco It was the emotions your leaders appealed to.Advanced Freedom, it was founded on visceral rages, motorcycles, dynamism and destruction, however, the speech came accompanied by hope. Break everything to be better, designing future joy. Enolho and asco again, only in this case it was combined with joy.Union by the Homeland, perhaps because of the responsibility it implies to be the party that governs, it rescinded the good we have, as a country, as a society, seeking to unite instead of destroying and sending the message that “we’ll be better”. However, he took the opportunity to introduce one of the most powerful and sustainable emotions in time, fear. Afraid to lose what you have, besides being very or little. Fear that after anger and destruction it will be less, taking advantage of, in passing, to value what one has. Joy and fear were the emotions that appealed to officialism.Let's see him in an example.We live in an old house, with moisture on the walls, sometimes light is short, in winter it is fresh and in summer it is hot, however, we have ceilings, walls, a bed, a bath and a kitchen, although things deteriorate with time, still fulfill their function of habitation.

In this example, the analogy with the electoral proposals would be as follows:

  1. To find a relative who lives in the house because I consider him the only one responsible for the deterioration.
  1. Depress the house to build a new one, with the risk of running out of ceiling because the demoler lacks a history of albañil.
  1. Wired tie what's left and bet that for some circumstance I don't know today can recycle the property to live more comfortable.
These are the alternatives that have been played in the primary, these are the emotions that are at stake. The candidate who best interprets how to get to collective emotion will be the next president.Which offers a speech that makes it clear that we are on a floor from which we can only improve.Hardly offering a worse short-term future to get another medium or long-term better can be winning. Most Argentines are out of rest.We remain far from the rational vote, that which would have chosen Lucy from the film, because all proposals have no rationality leaving only the compass of emotions the future of our country.

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