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5 business models to earn money on the internet

By Lucio Laria

5 business models to earn money on the internet

Living on the internet through passive recipes is something that is heard everywhere and with what many dream. However, contrary to what many people say (especially those who sell courses to “come from the internet”), arming this type of business is not easy or fast.

The reality is that to create an online business that allows you to get passive or semi-pasive recipes over time, you will need patience, time, investment and perseverance.

This is due to identify profitable niches in which to create online business, like all activity, has a certain learning curve. Creating this type of business requires having or developing some knowledge in writing, marketing, programming or NoCode tools, and business. If you try them, you go faster. If you don't try them, it's possible that you crash with a wall a few times before you can do it well.

This note is not intended to explain how to make thousands of dollars while you take mojitos in Punta Cana. What I seek is to invite you to realize that these businesses exist, that you cross them in your daily life, and that they are within the reach of anyone who is willing to take the time, dedication, investment and reflection that require you to succeed and allow you to live from them.

That said, first, let's wake up in “What are passive incomes”, and then we set together the main business models that exist nowadays to allow anyone to make income over the internet.

What are passive incomes?

A passive income is something very different from getting money without working. Passive recipes, in my view, are recipes that do not require dedication of your regular time nor are 100% correlated to the past man's time (contrary to an employee's work where it is charged per hour worked).

The income/work relationship with the business models we will describe below is usually as follows.

  1. Strong time investment needed to identify the business and create.
  2. Strong time investment to grow the business.
  3. Average time investment when business starts to be profitable.
  4. Low-time investment when business is profitable and allows you to invest in % of profits to keep you walking.
Upon reaching step 3, you can, for example, travel 3, 4 or 5 months and will continue to receive the incomes of your business. However, it is important to highlight that any online business needs to remain active. Otherwise, it is possible that you lose the good eye of the algorithms of those that normally depend on your visibility or a piece of your market share by the actions of competition, among other risks.

It is also important to note that these online businesses can be easily sold. On platforms like Flippa You can see how these types of business are sold every day by average values of 20 to 40 times your net monthly income.

We then see what these business models are with relatively low entry barriers that can allow you to get passive monthly revenues!

1. Blog

Creating a blog is a very popular business model in 2022 that allows hundreds of thousands of people to create business from anywhere in the world. The main goal of the blog business model is to create quality content that allows you to attract readers and monetize your visits.

There are different ways to monetize a blog.

Membership: Affiliate membership or affiliate marketing consists of receiving a commission when one of your users purchases a service or product that you have recommended on your blog.

For example, if I write an article about “The best liquefied in 2022”, where I recommend Amazon liquefied, and a user buys a liquefied on Amazon through, Amazon would pay a percentage of the sale. Here We can see an affiliation web with Amazon that does exactly that.

The recipes generated through the affiliation will be highly aligned with the price of the products you receive and the commission, plus other factors such as the conversion rate (% of visitors buying on the web), the duration of cookies, etc.

Advertising: exhibitors Another way to receive money through your blog is to monetize it with advertising. You can “alloy” spaces on your site for platforms like Google AdSense or Ezoic, which will advertise ads on your blog and pay you for every click you receive. You can also sell advertising directly to a company without going through intermediaries.

There are several other models of monetizing your blog’s audiences such as selling leaflets, selling sponsored links, etc. Creativity is your only limit to how you can take juice to your blog visits.

The great challenge of the blog is to find a niche that is profitable, without much competition, and produce a lot of content that brings visitors through seekers. You should form the basic techniques of SEO positioning and arm websites with WordPress. For this, there is a lot of free content on YouTube or payment formations (whether you want recommendations).

2. Social profiles

Another interesting business model that allows you to have passive or semi-passive incomes is creating profiles on social networks. This consists of creating profiles on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Tik-Tok, generating content, and winning followers. Once you get followers and your content is visible by a large audience, it’s time to monetize it. There are several ways to monetize an audience on social networks. The most common is influence marketing. This is to recommend services or products from other companies to your audience in exchange for a remuneration. Once you get the audience, you may be getting hundreds or thousands of dollars for a simple publication. You just need to subscribe to your social network influencer marketplaces, and expect the requests to arrive. Using affiliate marketing or in the case of Youtube, activating advertising on your channel is also possible. Thousands of niches exist that allow you to create this type of profiles. Of generalist niches as pages Memes on Instagram, songs on YouTube, or Funny videos to more specialized things as tourism in a city, Funny videos of cats or Information about cryptocurrencies.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a variant of traditional ecommerce where an online store does not keep in stock the products it sells. Instead, when a product is sold, the merchandise is purchased for a third person and then is sent directly to the customer. This means that the trader never sees or manipulates the product.

Creating a dropshipping business seems relatively easy. You just need to find a quality supplier, store your online store with WordPress or Shopify and start selling. It is not in charge of packaging, logistics, manufacturing the product, or anything. Just selling it and taking you a margin.

However, selling by Dropshipping requires having the full front of a traditional ecommerce store: paying attention to the customer, having a website that sells, and above all, getting traffic willing to buy on your site.

The most common method of Dropshippers to achieve this is Facebook advertising, as it is relatively cheap and allows you to start getting sales quickly. Other methods such as SEO positioning, a blog, Google Ads, social networks, or influencer marketing can also help you sell.

The success of a business in Dropshipping will depend on:

  • The attractiveness of the product that sales.
  • The margins you can accomplish by taking into account the cost of the product.
  • Its ability to master the cost of acquiring a customer through advertising.
  • Your ability to have a quality ecommerce that transforms traffic into visits.
  • Your ability to loyalty your customers.
You will need to convert into a advertising crack, trade with suppliers and closely follow their margins. It's not that easy anymore, is it?

4. Infoproducts

An infoproduct is a digital product where a content is provided to inform, educate, or guide the customer by solving a need or problem they have. An infoproduct can be an ebook on how to lose 10 kilos, a course on how to create a start-up in 3 days, a guide on why my cat coughs, etc.

The purpose of the infoproduct is to solve a real problem of a person through valuable information he is willing to pay for.

To create an infoproduct, you’ll have to get along with a topic and create your product. You can request support from designers in Fiver to give a nice look without investing a lot of money.

To be able to sell it, you can support a content strategy in a blog around the problem that solves your infoproduct, you can advertise it in Facebook or LinkedIn groups where your audience is, you can advertise on Facebook or Google. You need to be creative and develop some basic marketing skills.

Five. Newsletter

A newsletter is another great way to generate passive recipes. A newsletter consists of sending a subscriber base an email regularly with updates, news, opinions or other interesting content to the audience.

The newsletter can be machined in two ways. The first is through the above channels: advertising, affiliation, an infoproduct, etc. The second way is to make the payment newsletter with a subscription system. Both methods are valid, and are not mutually excluded, but you should take into account that for a user to be willing to pay a subscription, the content must be of high added value and not available free of charge on any other side of the internet.

What are the chances of success I have to be able to live on the internet passively?

If you're looking for a business that makes you millionaire with passive recipes, I'd say that the chances of success are very few.

However, if you are looking for it is to generate a net passive income equal to an amount of about 500 to 5,000 dollars a month after 2 years, the yoke much more likely.

In my personal experience, my first online business (an affiliate blog) took exactly 1 year before I could match my SEO consultant salary in France. In part, it was fortunate to choose a profitable niche, but I also had marketing knowledge when working SEO, and I should invest about 300 hours of time over the year. Many other projects my sites also failed and cost me time or money. That's a challenge!


To finish, I want to motivate anyone who has an entrepreneurship and willingness to learn about online marketing, programming and business launching their project. The only entry barrier is the time they have and the motivation they have to accomplish it.

In the worst case, they will learn to master valuable and highly sought-after skills by technological companies that pay very well and hire talent from all over the world.

In the best of cases, they will have a business of their own that introduces a monthly income that is higher than a salary, which consituya an asset with a sale value between 20 and 36 times the monthly net income, and which allows them to enjoy the so coveted financial freedom.

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