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Apple's possible mixed reality headphones

By Clara Esposito Lav

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Technology companies have investigated multiple ways to include virtual reality experiences and devices and increased in everyday life for almost twenty years. Apple is not an exception, and has also explored the virtual reality (VR) and increased (AR) to implement it on iOS devices. Over the last few years, Apple has acquired several AR and VR companies, as its power in the AR/VR industry. For some time, these movements had confused the audience about what came from Apple. Recently, Apple has confirmed the rumors that an AR or VR earpiece will be released, followed by glasses AR.

Reliable sources such as Apple Ming-Chi Kuo's analyst and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman indicated that the atrial release date will probably be in 2023, following the glasses in 2024 or 2025.

The earphone will probably be similar to other headphones on the market, such as Meta Oculus Quest. However, it is supposed to have an elegant and lighter design to ensure comfort. The rumor has that Apple is building more than a dozen cameras in the earpiece to track gestures and hand movements, a method of eye control and tracking. In this sense, the Apple earpiece will include multiple 3D sensor modules to detect objects and hand gestures. Supports voice control, spatial direction, expression and detection of the skin. The earpiece should be able to provide an immersive video and audio experience. Although Apple's approach at this time is in VR with limited AR capabilities, it has deeper ambitions in relation to augmented reality. It has been said that the content of headphones on the App Store will focus on games, streaming and video conferencing.

[caption id="attachment_ 5403" align="aligncenter" width=1000"] Possible Apple mixed technique device[/caption]

One of Apple's most anticipated confirmations is about the operating system and the possibility of a new one that will work as "rOS", specifically designed for atrial. Apple presented trademarks for "realityOS", presented in December 2021, and has foreign presentation deadlines of June 8, 2022. However, this date is a legal requirement and is not related to WWDC.

As for design, rumors say it will be similar to other VR headphones on the market. Based on these earphone descriptions, designer Ian Zelbo made renders that are attributed to the tales of a "sleek, curved visor glued to the face by a mesh material and swappable headbands". Some details were revealed, and Information was able to see a prototype, so it is possible to have an idea of what to expect.

This Apple VR headset will probably be able to respond to user eye movements and hand gestures. It is expected that more than a dozen optical cameras allow mapping of the environment, surfaces, edges and dimensions of the rooms accurately as well as designing visual experiences.

All at all, although most of the audience expects the release of this new Apple product, it is important to note that it could be valued over $2,000, since it sells cutting-edge technology.

[caption id="attachment_5384" align="aligncenter" width="850"]A drawing by The Information of Apple's possible mixed-reality device A drawing of The Information of Apple's possible mixed-reality device[/caption]

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