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Advances in the use of the Green Metal in Cargo Embarks: A Step Hacia a More Sustainable Maritime Transport

By Juan Polito

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When we think of sustainable mobility generally the first that comes to mind are cars, motorcycles and trucks. It makes sense, after all, a 73.8% CO2 issued in the transport industry it is terrestrial (with 5.87Gt of CO2). Thinking beyond the streets can look up... La air industry is responsible for 9.8%, issuing 0.78Gt of CO2. Still, this note focuses on emissions which contribute to 11.2% of the total with 0,89Gt of CO2, positioning itself as the second most polluting means of transport.Fortunately for everyone, in an effort to address environmental challenges and reduce carbon footprint in the maritime transport sector, the industry is exploring new cleaner and sustainable energy sources. One of the promising solutions that has been gaining attention recently is the green methanol, an alternative that could revolutionize the way cargo vessels move across the oceans of the world.

What is green methanol?

El Salvador green methanol, also known as "renewable methanol" or "clean methanol", is a fuel gas that is collected from decomposition plant residues. Unlike conventional methanol, which usually derives from natural gas, green methanol is a more ecological and sustainable option. This can reduce CO2 emissions of a ship carriers up to 70%.


Despite the obvious benefits, the widespread adoption of green methanol on cargo vessels is not exempt from challenges. The biggest drawback seems to be the price which, second A 2021 report of the American Maritime Transport Office It estimated it was $643/tonnes, while the grey methanol presents an approximate price of $417/tonnes.

Presence in the current market

Still, today there are companies like Evergreen, Proman Shipping and Stena Line that implement green methanol on their boats and invest in this technology. In addition, the conglomerate of Denmark, MAERKS That's what most bets on this fuel. It was proposed to have more than 200 carrier ships propelled by green methanol to 2028 and achieve the goal of having a carbon-neutral fleet by 2030.

In conclusion:

As the awareness of the urgency of addressing climate change and sustainability grows, Green methanol is a viable and promising option for shipping cargo. Over time, more industry actors are expected to adopt green methanol as a source of energy, thus contributing to the preservation of our oceans, the reduction of costs and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in this area of the transport sector.

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Juan Polito

I am a student of Engineering in Information Systems at the National Technological University, certified in photovoltaic facilities, with experience in the field of sustainable mobility. I work as a technician for electric car charging stations. Passed by the world of technology, curious and alert to new discoveries.


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