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BoatyApp: Simplifying Boat Rental and Nautical Experiences

By FinGurú

BoatyApp: Simplifying Boat Rental and Nautical Experiences


You are interested in the nautical world, but do you not know how to introduce in this? It is that historically this environment was a very reduced and coveted, but Boatyapp managed to facilitate access to this world in just a few steps.

Boaty: The revolutionary ship rental platform in the Balearic Islands

We meet before a company that has arrived to revolutionize the ship rental industry by offering, residents and tourists, a simple-to-use platform that allows you to rent boats, yachts, aquatic bikes and other types of boats for different time periods. Although they are already in search of expanding their borders, the app works in the iconic Balearic Islands, Spain, seeking to position themselves as the future of ship rentals in the local community and visitors equally.

Its mission focuses primarily on providing a trouble-free user experience, offering fast service and the lowest commissions on the market. In general terms, Boaty connects the owner of a vessel with a user, offering a wide variety of services. The user, whether local or tourist, can then choose between several boats, and rent for weeks, days or even hours. Everything that will be at the discretion of the parties.

The Boaty team, headed by Agustín Cota, works every day to offer the best user experience, both for the owner and the tenant. This includes not only the main function already mentioned, if not, in turn, the advice to investors regarding the selection of the ideal ship for your wallet and the correspondence with the customer suitable for each vessel.

Boaty: nautical investment innovation for the 2023 season

In this line, Boaty offers two major branches concerning investment. Firstly, capital investment, offering the opportunity to acquire capital shares, from a minimum of 1%. On the other hand, it is possible to invest in turn through the acquisition of ships, with the advice of the team of experts from the Boaty App. In this way, ships are registered on behalf of the investor, establishing a joint operational agreement to maximize profitability. Alternatively, investors can opt for a loan intended to purchase ships, which will be registered on behalf of BoatyApp, generating income jointly.

BoatyApp's innovative approach to ship rental and nautical experiences is ready to transform the industry in the Balearic Islands, and why not in the rest of the world. Being close to the 2023 season, Boaty prepares to leave his footprint and enter the exciting world of boats.

For more information, you can go to the boaty site: www.boatyapp.com, for your Instagram @boaty.app, and obviously download your app!


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