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Looking for a free outlet.

By Horacio Portela

Looking for a free outlet.

While the entire planet is debated between “the battery or Hydrogen, in Argentina we are debating between “GNC, Super or Premium”. A look at what happens and what could happen in our country.I remember that in the mid 80s, the GNC stations began to flourish and the detractors raised their accuser fingers pointing “the gas is to the kitchen”. Sure. At that time the GNC in our country only began. The problems were more than the solutions, and the improvised promised things they couldn't do later.Then one day finally a car “with GNC” arrived at my hands and began to suffer. That it's cold doesn't start, it doesn't surrender, it doesn't have power, it doesn't, it doesn't...Finally one day, tired of wandering through workshops that assured me that the former atelier “ knew nothing” (and they did). I discovered a wonderful tool to definitely solve my problems with this vehicle: In a bookstore I found a technical book on “vehicular GNC systems”.Time passes (as Luca Prodan said) and with it pass the technologies. And just as one day I stopped talking by phone “in black and white” and started to enjoy the advantages that this apparatus had a color screen... (I never understood that a “Movicom” needed color). It also came to me the time to abandon fossil fuels and think about other options. And that day I wondered if it wasn't time to have an electric vehicle. And there began a new pilgrimage similar to that of the GNC and “the book”.My first doubt was “the autonomy”. I reviewed all available info looking for a vehicle with the autonomy it had in the “fuel”. I read hundreds of articles on the Internet about “the importance of autonomy” until I suddenly realized something. I wanted to have an autonomy that had never been needed... But I didn't know what.At that time, my old analog brain made a noise much like what the joints do when a force. I felt a “crack inside my head” and a part of the brain that has already received several updates started yelling at me: “Nabo, for 350 days a year, only 15-Km a day”...The “nabo” did not bother me. My brain has been following me for many years and we have the necessary confidence, although sometimes we do not agree very much in particular when you complain that you attack him with Colesterol and other things. What bothered me was that I would remember that “I only travel 15 days all year long”And it's true. Usually, people travel very few times in the year and the rest of the time moves in a daily noria that is worse than the calesita of the square as a child. So, I was wondering what I do "every year" and if it really would serve me an electric car... And some accounts and comparisons came out.The first was that in the year I consume many times more “danger yoke” (in Argentina it is called “nafta”) to get the interior of the car to be at the temperature that I like... What is necessary to make the daily journey. In summer, I need naphtha to cool the habitaculum. And in winter it is even worse because first it should warm “the engine” to then warm “the interior”.Another thing I discovered was that in these periods “I need to heat the engine”. The ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) contaminate and consume much more than when they are already in “ideal thermal regime”... And that, taking a few days of spring or early autumn... I do this inevitably at least 300 days a year (and am generous with the number).This day I understood the need for “an electric one”. EV doesn't contaminate the 365 days of the year. The EV has no handicapped ways to walk according to the climate... The EV is the most transparent option in Carbon Huella to move in the cities without continuing to bring everything that ruins every day our planet.Of course. From that moment on, I began to “same accounts” of my everyday reality, rather than “think on the planet”. I went to the smallest... the most individual and selfish. Thinking “how much does Kilometer cost me” if you do it on the basis of dinosaur juice or “ loose electrons”... and I proposed to make an account that was simple and clear. I didn't want any further questions.And I did that. After many calculations and even after borrowing a small electric CityCar and using it several days. I came to a number that made me clear “when it surrenders and what is more economic in its everyday use”.Driving every day an electric CityCar is like having a traditional car rinda instead of 10-Km/L, about 500-Km/L. EV is not just a solution for the planet (and this is important). It is also an amazing solution for our daily economy.Now... I just need to define what you take from my house I will leave at night carrying the EV and on which phone.

Horacio Portela

Writer, documentary and journalist in the motor and technology environment. For years it was a militant active of Free Software and columnist in various national and international means. Has a Diploma in Safe Renewable Energies and is currently Creative Director in Bonnie & Claypole TV and Periodistic Director in "eArgentina - Sustainable Mobility" program that It is issued by the Hispanoamericana signal of the GarageTV satellite channel.

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horacio portela

Horacio Portela

Horacio Portela (63). Writer, writer and documentaryist. Journalist of the motor environment, today dedicated to producing the "eArgentina" program that is broadcast by the GarageTV screen to all Hispanic America (sign of "cable" throughout our continent) and also in Spain.

I have just finished a "Diplomature in Safe Sustainable Energy" at UNSTA, collaborating in a pair of projects on Mobility and Renewable Energy


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