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From Biotechnology to Entrepreneur: cloning popes and dreams

By Martin Vargas

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Well, get ready to tell you the story. Martínez, a pibe that ripped off dreaming of dinosaurs and ended up like Biotechnology Cloning popes. But before, a touch of context!

Let's start knowing Martín before Biotechnology

Imagine yourself, kill in your hand, rip the epic out of this madman who dives from cloning dinosaurs (being an 11-year nerd) to the exciting world of cloning popes, being the Biotechnology Your other passion. But quiet, before we get full, I'll put you in context. Here's the story!I, a Biotechnologist received, got full on this world entrepreneur with an existential question: "What do omelettes have in common with being entrepreneur?" Answer: "Huevos!" Of course, I had to.Bachelor of Biotechnology, dives into the entrepreneurial universe, say a rare bug in this community.My old man, a gallego laburador who's been burning popes fields since I was 12, has passed me the post of gen entrepreneur. A crack!But it wasn't easy for me, eh. From gritty nerd to walking seller of gloves and biosecurity masks, life gave me stick behind cock. I received a thesis on popes (obvious) that harvested my old. But the reality came down to me.I went from a professor's assistant to being eight hours in front of a computer in a public office, charging for frustrating me, literally. What an irony!My destiny was to be a lab rat mixing test tubes with business ideas.

The time has come for revelation and travel!

Until the revelation came during Pandemic. My partner, girlfriend, life companion, Florence, also Biotechnology (frustrated by a job that didn't match us because we burned our eyebrows to be Biotechnologists), and I, decided to make a "faith leap". We moved from Tucumán to Jujuy to clone popes460 km measured the distance between our dream and our frustration.In full Pandemic, we say Courses about how to make alcohol in gel and even we did influencers of Biotechnology. The thing took shape with the BIOEMPRENDIRES and a BIOCLUB, a virtual coffee full of science and ventures.But the crown jewel was the BIOTECHNOLOGY STATION, a bio-learning that mixed the passion of being entrepreneur with curiosity for science. We used to be BIOCERES, but newborn and playful. Florence and I, armed with knowledge and will, began to clone popes in a 10m2 home laboratory.

Cloning popes

This of being Biotechnology Entrepreneur leads you to learn plomeria and electricity, until you know how to set up a mini greenhouse: “Do yourself with what you have at hand”, so this part of the story is called.Now, those 10m2 have become 270m2. One New Project that comes with everything, a show from Biotechnology, the first Biotechnology station North of the country cloning popes, with cutting edge technology and own laboratories! Thanks for the applause!Our business model is to create the future and then monetize it.Our company started with micropropagation, we started to give lectures and coming (until now) with Molecular Farming, cloning recombinant proteins and we plan to provide advanced Biotechnology services such as TEMPORAL INMERSION SYSTEM, HYDROPONIA, AEROPONIA and vertical farms. Modestia beyond, we're a genius!In short, we fuse:
  • Country
  • Science
  • Employment


And here goes the message to the people: the secret of success is to convert failure into a good business. In science or in the enterprise, there is always to be ready to clone opportunities.So you know, boys. There's no need to be afraid to clone popes or dreams! With eggs and will, you can make history in 270m2!Health by entrepreneurs, cloned dreams and well placed eggs! I invite you to follow me LinkedIn and Instagram To learn more about this exciting world of Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship and new projects.martín vargas biotecnólogoMartínez


Conferencista | Speaker | Entrepreneur

Working on a New Biotech Project: Molecular Farming

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinvargasok/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/martinvargas_ok/

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martin vargas

Martin Vargas

Martin Vargas is a biotech entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO of BIOTECNOLOGY SRTATION. He is currently working on a Biotech project: Molecular Farming.


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