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Argentine NFTs and Events Company valued at over 300,000 USD

By Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Argentine NFTs and Events Company valued at over 300,000 USD

Boring Yachts

What is Boring Yachts?

Boring Yachts is an event production company that connects the Bored Apes (the world's number 1 collection of NFTs made up of entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts) and entrepreneurs from both the NFT and traditional worlds at exclusive Yachts, Mansions and venues in the world's most iconic locations. Founded by Franco Picciano and Juan Pablo Gonzalez both 23 and 25 years old Argentineans.

2023, an exciting start

They have already held more than 10 events in Berlin, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Miami, New York and Buenos Aires where they connected more than 800 entrepreneurs and had the support of more than 30 brands, such as Yuga Labs, creator and owner of Bored Apes.

To the next level

Boring Yachts' first round of investment valued the company at over $330,000 USD. This investment aims for an immersive story, combining the digital world with the physical world to achieve a unique experience with the best of both worlds where each event has activations that achieve this.


A promising 2024

The kick-off of the year started in Paris with a Yacht around the Seine and continued in Denver at the Marijuana Mansion. Next destinations? Miami, New York and Dubai.

Immersive experience

A path to discover the story of Jack & Jackie in this Season #2 that tells us how a dream can be bigger and more powerful than we think, where in each party we will participate in activities, easter eggs, discovering collectibles and even being able to get... the "Secret Hunter".

How to learn more?

To learn more about Boring Yachts' experiences and be part of it, follow them on their social networks:


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Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Co-Founder of Liberté (liberte.com.ar), developer of Boring Yachts (producer of elite events), Apes Game Club (Web3 Sports Professional Team), Siwa (web3 educational platform) and Owner of Jack & Jackie and Neocxela (leaders in Latam Apes, Latin American organization of the Bored Apes Yacht Club). Creator of communities on education, gaming and events. Developer and leader of high performance work teams. Positive and energetic influencer.

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