9/4/2023 - Technology and Innovation

Entering the Post Smartphone era

By Nicolas Cuello

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The post-smartphone era could present a number of significant changes in the way we interact with technology and communicate in everyday life. The rapid technological advancement has led to a time when the digital world evolves beyond the smartphones that have been an integral part of our lives for decades. In this new era, we witness a profound transformation in the way we interact with technology and how it integrates in our day to day. The key factors that drive this technological revolution are based on the convergence of various technological trends and developments that have been gaining strength in recent years.

Key Factors:

Wearable Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT): Portable devices and the interconnection of everyday objects through the Internet of Things have become increasingly omnipresent. From smart watches and augmented reality glasses to connected home appliances, these devices offer new ways to interact with the technology without relying exclusively on a smartphone.Augmented Reality (RA) and Virtual Reality (RV): RA and RV found practical applications in various fields, from entertainment to education and work. These technologies provide an immersive experience and transcend the smartphone screen, offering new ways to view and manipulate digital information.Artificial Intelligence (IA) and Virtual Assistants: Advances in AI have given way to more sophisticated and personalized virtual assistants. These assistants not only perform everyday tasks, but can also anticipate our needs and provide more natural and conversational interactions, which reduces the need to constantly depend on the smartphone.Cerebro-Computer interface: Although still in early stages, research in brain-computer interfaces promises to allow direct communication between the human brain and technology. This could lead to even more fluid interaction and without physical devices, changing the way we access and process information.Cultural and social changes: The younger generation, native digital, has a more intrinsic relationship with technology and has grown with a wide range of digital devices. Its influence on society could accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies and the creation of new forms of communication and entertainment.In the post-smartphone era, technology will more organically integrate into our lives, providing a more immersive and personalized experience. However, challenges such as data privacy and security will also arise, which must be addressed responsibly to ensure a fair and sustainable technological future. As this new era develops, it will be exciting to witness how technology continues to transform our society and how we connect to the world around us.

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nicolas cuello

Nicolas Cuello

CEO & Founder of LUCODS. Expert in new technologies, with more than 10 years in the innovative ecosystem, consulting private companies, technology linker, lecturer on technology events such as Virtuality, Smart Cities, Bafici, among others. INTI Advisor on topics related to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality. Member of METAVERSE STANDARD FORUM. Professor at IMAGE CAMPUS from the METAVERSO route.


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