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Future Self: Exclusive meeting of celebrities with the crypto metaverse

By finguru

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This Thursday, October 13th, celebrities, influencers, organizations and top brands will be quoted in Future Self Private Club, an exclusive event that will bring together the latest trends of digital culture with ecological commitment. The party will take place on Jet, the most in album of the North Costanera, and will include music, NFT art samples, live performances and the metaverse through virtual reality.

What comes

The avant-garde of the crypto world confludes on an unprecedented night. Jet, the top album of Buenos Aires, will host international artists at an event that will combine NFT art exhibits (single digital parts), live performances, fashion and trends with the awareness of environmental protection that the planet and the future need.

How? For a year, VIP guests will be added to the guest I'm aNeutral CarbonoIn other words, they will undertake to contribute to the reduction and compensation of carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

Created by the OUTLON.BA induction signature and produced by Year Zero, Future Self Private Club will have the participation of NFT Capy Army, Qurable, Hodl Beer and Aura agents, and the FinGurú digital information medium. The service that will make carbon celebrities neutral will be provided by Oxygen Token, with the support of the Bank of Forests foundation, dedicated to the preservation of native forests at risk.

As part of the virtual universe, in the party will be used blockchain technology, the revolutionary secure and direct transaction system: the entries will be with NFT and the consummations will be paid with cryptomonedas. In addition, with each entry, guests will have important exclusive benefits in the upcoming private events organized by Year Zero.

Thus, between the 22 hours of Thursday and the 3 hours of Friday, the musicians, actors and VIP celebrities will enjoy the digital art samples presented by Qurable and Aura, also in charge of curaduria. Through ten last-generation screens, about twenty-five artists will display their best creations. One of the most eccentric moments of the night will be the live performance of art and fashion of Ornella Ruiz Díaz, who will put on scene his visual metaphor of the future: Ornelletes acts.

Nothing better than the paradisiac environment of the night club Jet to realize this unforgettable experience: Future Self Private Club, the event that arrives to expand the borders of the metaverse in favor of a sustainable world.

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