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Boosting the success of your business with ISO 9001

By Emiliano Calabró

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Quality must be a key point in developing company results if they seek to maximize their profits. To achieve this, many choose to implement a quality management system under the standards of ISO 9001 standard.But we're going in parts. .What is a quality management system and why should I consider implementing it in my company?A quality management system is an ordered set of standards and procedures that regulate the operation of all processes of a company to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations. When we mention quality system We refer to the fact that the whole organization must be aligned with the methods and terms arranged by the direction related to quality. Many people confuse having quality area with a quality system. The ideal is that the quality area assumes the responsibility of getting the necessary methods for all other areas to take the responsibility of self-managing following the quality standards assumed by the direction. The direction must be the first part committed to making quality applicable to all areas thereof. Otherwise, the quality system cannot be effective.

With the provision of this system, the organization will obtain a standardized control of each of its operations, and may highlight the failures or deviations in a precise way, then correct them effectively. Among the most recurring deviations in which a company can incur with its customers we can find: delays in delivery times, packaging breaks, product disability, etc. We can also detect anomalies that tend to generate unforeseen unproductive costs by not complying with the defined processes. In turn, the involvement of a proper functioning of the processes will generate greater performance by the staff when working in an organized and controlled environment.

What is an ISO standard?The ISO acronym refers to “International organization for standardization” (International standardization organization). It is an independent organization that develops and public international standards for various areas of activity, such as technology, food safety, environmental management, and quality management. The function of these standards is to provide requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics to ensure quality, safety and efficiency in processes and products. ISO standards are used worldwide to establish best practices and improve quality, efficiency and safety in the products and services that companies offer.

ISO 9001ISO 9001 is a quality standard that establishes the requirements a company should consider fulfilling to implement a quality management system successfully. It can be said that it is a guide to organize effectively. The same includes clear guidelines to establish planning, process control, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. To obtain certification, an organization must demonstrate that it meets all the requirements set out in the norm; which include establishing a quality policy, identifying the processes and resources needed, documenting the information, establishing goals and goals, measuring staff performance, and taking actions to constantly improve the quality management system.

Why is certification important?The implementation and subsequent certification of this standard will leave evidence that the company has incorporated a quality management system. The certification gives us the assurance that the organization meets the standards of quality internationally, and makes it perceived with greater confidence in the face of potential customers.

ConclusionWe can conclude that the implementation and certification of a quality management system will bring benefits in all possible aspects. Both to gain internal control of processes and to ensure customer satisfaction, and thus be a recognized and extraordinary company in front of our competitors.

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Emiliano Calabró

Hi, I'm Emiliano Calabró, I was born on July 08, 1986.
I specialize in quality and environment management systems. I am a Senior Business Administration Technician with 16 years of experience in management systems in automotive industries. I am a certified internal auditor in ISO integrated management systems (Quality, environment and safety). For more than 8 years I find myself leading and implementing certification programs. I am currently working as a quality chief at a GBA public transport company. I am grateful to God for the opportunities and achievements of every stage of my life.

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