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Inclumap, the application that helps people with disabilities to move more inclusively

By FinGurú

Inclumap, the application that helps people with disabilities to move more inclusively

In recent years, inclusion has become a growing concern for society. Despite advances in accessibility, many people with disabilities still find significant barriers away from cities. This is why a group of Argentine entrepreneurs developed an innovative application called Inclumap, which aims to make mobility more inclusive for everyone.

Inclumap: The interactive guide of accessible places for people with disabilities

The application works as an interactive map that shows places of interest to people with disabilities. Any user can add information about the accessibility of a given place, from the existence of ramps and elevators to the presence of accessible baths and squares. In this way, Inclumap becomes a useful tool for both disabled people and their relatives and friends, who can plan their displacements taking into account the accessibility of the places they wish to visit.
The team behind Inclumap is formed by Luana Andrada and Joaquín Giorgis its founders. They share the same passion for improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and believe that technology can be a valuable tool to achieve it. The application was initially launched in Argentina, but is already available in several Hispanic-speaking countries and it is expected that its use extends globally.

Inclumap: Technology at the service of inclusion

"We believe that inclusion is a fundamental right of all people, and we are committed to being our part to achieve it," said Joaquín, one of the founders of Inclumap. "Our application is an easy and practical way to improve accessibility in all types of places, from museums and restaurants to government buildings and sports stadiums."
With technology at the service of inclusion, Inclumap is an example of how innovation can help build a more just and accessible world for everyone.

If you want to visit the site, here I leave a link:https://www. includedmap.com/

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