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Argentine biotechnology can go out prepared for the world and export quality thanks to GB consulting: if you are biotech entrepreneur do not miss this note

By Mágali Urquiza

Argentine biotechnology can go out prepared for the world and export quality thanks to GB consulting: if you are biotech entrepreneur do not miss this note

If you're an entrepreneur and you're bound by biotechnology, you'll have to know that. Next Saturday, January 13 GB Consulting will develop the second international biotechnology journey in Mendoza.Biotechnology has applications in our daily life that we can't imagine and each production process has something of biotech included in its stages. But the hardest thing is to get the funding and knowledge needed to develop these projects, so GB Consulting has become a key intermediary that seeks to link the financial and academic sector of the United States to the Cuyo region.Argentina has the Know how and the will to undertake, but lacks the money to realize it, so GB consulting is driving international events that are looking for projects like yours to provide tools, skills and contact necessary for you to achieve the growth you need including the public sector and the private sector of Boston and New York.Thanks to these journeys it is easier to increase competitiveness and optimize products and services, attracting funds, generating business links and strategic societies to get out into the world quickly and directly.Biotechnology is a discipline that revolutionized various fields in modern society. Its application extends to different areas, from medicine to agriculture, through the food and environmental industry.In the field of medicine, biotechnology allowed the development of gene and cell therapies that revolutionized the treatment of genetic diseases and cancer. In addition, biotechnological drugs such as recombinant vaccines and monoclonal antibodies were created, which significantly improved the quality of life of patients.As regards agriculture, GM crops were developed resistant to pests and diseases, which significantly increased agricultural yields. In addition, plant varieties with improved characteristics were created as higher nutritional content or higher tolerance to adverse conditions.In the field of food industry, biotechnology has allowed to improve processes such as fermentation and enzyme production to obtain healthier and sustainable foods. Techniques were also developed to modify genetically used microorganisms in fermented foods such as yogurt or cheese.Finally, in the environmental field, biotechnology is used to remedy soils contaminated by techniques such as bioremediation or phytoremedication. It is also used to produce bioplastics from microorganisms or plants.In conclusion, the application of biotechnology in different areas brought great scientific and technological advances. Its impact on medicine, agriculture, food industry and the environment has been significant, improving the quality of life of people and promoting a more sustainable development.Contact Gb Consulting and do not miss this unique opportunity in Argentina.

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magali urquiza

Mágali Urquiza

Mágali Urquiza studied Economics at the University of Buenos Aires. He worked as a biotechnology analyst for 11 years at RFT, Finguru. In addition, she was a consultant for the development of cell therapy in Chile and a Biotechnology fund advisor in Boston and Cambridge. Mágali also founded Leapcode Bio, a startup dedicated to data collection in neurological patients. Currently, he holds the post of Chief of the Biotech Unit at GB Consulting in Mendoza and, in his free moments, he contributes as a writer for Biospace, an American publisher who focuses on public companies in Bio.

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