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Quality as key to success

By emiliano calabro

Quality as key to success

Over the years, quality has been considered as a way to get better results in the sale of products. The interested parties presented to the trader a detail of the needs they wanted the product to meet, so that it could satisfy them.

Today we can say that quality has evolved in such a way as if it was a lifestyle. Today, speaking of quality is talking about a whole system together. It is not enough to say that a product has “quality” to meet certain requirements; but that quality is perceived by the environment surrounding it. It is not the same to say that a product has quality without knowing a little the trasfondo of the accompanying system.

We can mention the case of the Toyota car, which is a brand that has managed to evolve in terms of quality in such a way that users already trust it without the need to test the product.

No company that does not contemplate working with a quality system may persist in the near future. Instead, those who adopt quality as a practice will benefit from new opportunities.

Thanks to the ISO 9001 standard, companies can identify what aspects are needed to develop so that a quality management system could be effective. This Standard presents a number of requirements that a company should contemplate if it seeks to develop a quality system successfully.

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emiliano calabro

emiliano calabro

Hi, I'm Emiliano Calabró, I was born on July 08, 1986.
I specialize in quality and environment management systems. I am a Senior Business Administration Technician with 16 years of experience in management systems in automotive industries. I am a certified internal auditor in ISO integrated management systems (Quality, environment and safety). For more than 8 years I find myself leading and implementing certification programs. I am currently working as a quality chief at a GBA public transport company. I am grateful to God for the opportunities and achievements of every stage of my life.

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