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Philosophy in the Current Business World. How can we apply it?

By Agustín Zaid

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We live in a dizzying world where it seems the only constant is changeAs Heraclitus said. Pandemic, war, ChatGPT, rapid scanning, to mention some. In this context, business faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities.In classical Greece, thinkers like Plato and Aristotle were worried about unraveling one of the fundamental questions of classical philosophy: As it is possible for there to be and permanence if there is to be. Each philosopher, in his own way, offered solutions to this issue.

This happens to be of great relevance to our current professional context. The technology and hyperspecialization of the current labour market invite us to think about sudden change. Just remember that just 25 years ago, the Internet was something of a few; or the social media boom of the last 10 years. A 2018 note says that for when 2030, enter 75% and 85% of the professions that will be most demanded do not yet exist.Philosophy not only offers concrete answers, but also offers us the ability to question, analyze and adapt to a constantly changing environment. The philosophical principles, rooted in the uneasiness of the Greeks for what remains, can serve as essential tools to navigate the evolving business landscape.

La planning It becomes an essential tool to navigate uncertainty and achieve concrete goals. Throughout the history of philosophy, several thinkers have explored the importance of planning and how philosophical principles can guide this process.

An example of this is Aristotle. One of the most important concepts in his work is the teleology Or purpose. Under his gaze, Each action has a purpose and an end that seeks to achieve. In the business world, the aristotelian approach is reflected in the importance of defining clear goals and concrete goals when planning. Planning becomes a process directed to a desired result, where cStep by step contributes to the achievement of a greater purpose.Business planning, influenced by philosophy, becomes a reflexive and systematic process that addresses not only pragmatic aspects, but also the values and vision of the company in the future. It is not by chance the enormous value that has strategic planning Nowadays on any project.

Another interesting contribution is long-term vision and sustainability, a boga concept. Philosophy has brought profound perspectives on how companies can address these fundamental aspects. Aristotle held that virtue leads to eudaimony or happiness, a state of full and flourishing life. In the business field, this translates into the importance of virtue ethics in making sustainable decisions. Companies that strive to act responsibly tend to build a more solid foundation for longevity. Just look at what happened to the marks before the war in Russia. The reputation of brands comes into play if they do not demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Philosophy teaches us that Decisions are not just transactions. They are also an expression of our values and beliefs. By applying philosophical principles to our business decisions and strategies, We have built a path to a more solid future still before the prospect of changes to the future.

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agustin zaid

Agustín Zaid

I was born in Buenos Aires, studied Philosophy at the UBA. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and learning. I founded Con Testa, a 360° Digital Marketing agency, during the pandemic, with the intention of bringing humanity back to online interactions between Brands and Clients.

I co-founded NeoLearning, an agency that produces E-learning courses for coaches, consultants, and teachers.

I moved to Spain in 2021. I also collaborated with the expansion in Spain of We Are Mashin, a hub of more than 120 agencies in 15 countries specialized in Web3, Gaming, and Triple Impact.

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