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The Decentralized AI Revolution

By Inés Gaviña

The Decentralized AI Revolution

Spicing Up the New Generation of Decentralized AI

Artificial Intelligence is advancing at a rampant pace; megacorporations know this and have launched into a cutthroat competition to create and build the most disruptive LLMs (Large Language Models). So far that's what AI is all about; large language models and developing super-computers that can learn these ever more and more complex language models. And, it is true what many say, what is rumored in the secret corridors of code programmers; that super-computers are developing mechanisms that bypass the zealous procedures of their programmers, that they invent their own linguistic shortcuts to develop faster and faster and that every day it is harder for human technicians to follow their steps and understand the complexity of what they are creating. Because yes, the machines, the super-computers are already creating their own codes and languages. The future has arrived and it is already here, my dear humanoid compatriots.

One of the reasons why AI is not talked about or discussed is because it terrifies us perhaps too much. I get the impression that we are all a little too scared to talk about it but the truth is that there are people in the world, out there and far away, who are thinking about these things. They are not only thinking about these things, they have been thinking about them for decades and centuries. At the beginning of March, in the first Town Hall of the Latin Community of SingularityNET, we spoke with the director of SAIA, the Argentine Society of Artificial Intelligence, Alexander Ditzend, where he said something very nice; he saw the advent of Artificial Intelligence as a wave, a strong and big wave, a kind of Tsunami with devastating power. Mankind can either sit there on the beach and watch The Wave approach in terror or get up, get a surfboard and go into the sea and try to surf it.

Let's form a Community around the AI

In these last few months that I have been working in the SingularityNET Latin Community, in which I have read Raymond Kurzweil and had the enormous privilege of working closely with Dr & CEO Ben Goertzel and his wonderful community of Singularitarians, one of the first things that has become clear to me is that if we want to have any reaction power and get to grab a surfboard before The Wave arrives, we have to form community around AI .

OK, but what does it mean to form community and for what exactly?

Forming community means coming together, getting closer, forming alliances and talking. Sharing ideas, fears, desires and projects. Forming community around AI means above all, thinking together about AI and what we want or would like to do with it. That's what SingualrityNET is all about. SingularityNET is much more than a company or mega-corporation. SingularityNET is an ecosystem, a complex and dynamic universe of human beings who have decided to come together to think and create all the dimensions and edges of the global development of AI.

SingularityNET: democratizing AI

Dr & CEO Ben Goertzel argues that we are often blind to all the ways in which we, as a society, culture and species, can affect the development and future of Artificial Intelligence. While we increasingly use and rely on AI in our lives, from voice assistants to get driving directions to ChatGPT in fundamental aspects of our professions, we are still treated solely as consumers of products built by large technology corporations . Developers, researchers and creators must act as partners alongside users, fundamental units that are collaboratively creating a shared future. At SingularityNET we believe that we should all participate in the difficult decisions that keep AI ethical, unbiased, beneficial and accessible to all, and that we should all share in the benefits of the AI economy.

SingularityNET's proposal is about leveraging the already developed and highly efficient blockchain technology to build a process of democratization of AI, a sort of decentralization of AI to as many and as wide a variety of human beings as possible. But, Mind you, the SingularityNET team's approach is technical; working the intersection of blockchain and AI to decentralize computational power and governance decisions involving all areas and aspects of AI development . That is perhaps what makes the SingualrityNET ecosystem so avant-garde and definitely positions it at the forefront of the most disruptive technological vanguard.

We invite you to form a community around Artificial Intelligence, not to lag behind the latest innovations and ethical and governance issues related to the advent of Artificial General Intelligence. We invite you to be part of the SingularityNET Latin Community to build Artificial General Intelligence as a common good for all Humanity and life on Planet Earth.

LATAM @SingularityNET Community is led by Guillermo Lucero Funes and Inés Gaviña / Creating and driving a vibrant Community of Latin American innovators to carry forward the decentralized AI revolution.

Join our networks and the SingularityNET Community of brilliant creators and pioneers to become a leader in the decentralized AI revolution!






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