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What you can not miss from the crypto event of the year.

By Nahuel Orellano

What you can not miss from the crypto event of the year.

Before the end of 2023, there is a crypto revolution in Argentina. And this revolution begins with LABITCONF (Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference) is a massive blockchain industry event. The 2022 edition has a assistance of 10,000 people, more than 60 companies in the industry, more than 200 lectures and 300 dissertations and this year's edition promises to overcome it. These are the things that will happen and you can't lose.


LABITCONF will be held on November 10th and 11th on the Salguero Coast and will have over 250 international speakers that will be distributed in seven scenarios to analyze the future of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Web3 and the range of decentralization in the real world.In this edition we will have personalities like: Hernando de Soto (Economist and presidential candidate from Peru), Lawrence H. White (Professor of Economics at George Mason University), Álvaro D. Maria (philosophus - Author of Bitcoin philosophy), Elizabeth Stark (founder & CEO of Lightning Labs), Vit Jedlicka (President of the Republic of Liberland), Scott Page (Pink Floyd saxophonist who will also close the first day with a tribute to the band), Carlos Maslato (above and technical analyst of financial markets), Daniel Fernández (Economist of Francisco Marroquín University), Agustín Etchebarne (economist - Director of the Freedom and Progress Foundation), John Light (Bitcoin Core Dev in Sovryn), Antoni Martin (co-founder of Polygon), Sergi Delgado (Bitcoin Core dev en Chaincode) Raph Japh (Ordinals Core dev), Lunaticoin the Podcast #1 in Spanish, Mario Pergolini (producer and radio and television driver)


- Main: will have content related to disruptive potential for society, companies and governments- Academy: here will be the basis of each key aspect of this technology for those who have recently started in this technology- Workshop: a space to understand how to apply the available tools- Hacker House: to learn how to program solutions with web3.- Square: there will be room for different entrepreneurs to show their projects and innovations that are undertaking.- Gaming and Creators: will feature content and experiences linked to art, games and audiovisual content.

Arm your agenda

The key is to see what rapporteurs would like to hear and know where they are. It's like the festivals where there are several lectures at the same time and the solution not to lose anything is: https://agenda.labitconf.com/ filter by your level or themes: Example, you’re starting and you’d like to know more about how to create content in the tech and web3 framework. The initial filtration and place the Creators Area. You can keep them to already make your custom schedule.And finally I leave you 4 imprdibles (at my taste) if you just started but have already been curing over the internet that is crypto.

Friday 10

Main Stage12: 50 hs

How would a smart regulatory scenario for crypto in Argentina

The president of the Bitcoin Argentina NGO will present a project and lead a debate on an Argentine and intelligent regulatory setting that promotes ecosystem growth and protects the individual.Area Creators15:40 hs.

Extended Reality: The connection between AI and holograms

The combination of artificial intelligence and holograms opens up new possibilities to create immersive and realistic experiences, giving way to an extended reality. Is there a limit when we talk about these technologies?+: Main Stage19:30 hs

Pink Floyd Show with Scott Page

We close the journey with a tribute to Pink Floyd a group whose music represents many of the battles of freedom and citizens' rights.

Saturday 11

Main Stage Panel11:00 a.m.Lemon / Ripio / Bitget / Bitso / CoinEx

Current Argentine crypto scenario and for 2024

The leaders of the Argentine buying and selling platforms analyze the 2024 scenario for the crypto industry and how they prepare for a political and monetary change.Main Stage Panel14:25 hsInscribing Atlantis / Hodl Hodl / Money on chain / CamaleonX

DeFi with Bitcoin

We'll see what ways we can use our Bitcoins on decentralized finance platforms to get income and talk about your security.

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