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Think Strategies. Keys to develop effective Digital Marketing campaigns.

By Agustín Zaid

Think Strategies. Keys to develop effective Digital Marketing campaigns.

Being able to plan is, in all aspects of life, crucial in order to be able to make decisions.

In the world of marketing, strategic planning is a kind of laboratory in which a multitude of information is gathered through scrupulous analysis. The sources of information are very varied. The difficulty lies in extracting from this collection an analysis capable of clarifying, or even deciphering, the execution to achieve good objectives.


Four key phases are usually distinguished:

Internal survey, external survey, diagnosis and next steps. Or, in other words, an internal analysis, a competitive analysis, a deepening of our strengths and skills and an action plan.

Attentive to all new developments, to competitors' strategies and to advances in the human sciences to better understand consumers, the strategic planner is above all the person who will give the brand an advantage over its competitors.

From a detailed analysis of the context, the strategic planner will identify what, in the market and the brand's environment, could become a growth opportunity for the advertiser. Observing a changing world means deciphering trends before anyone else, or spotting something that no one has seen before, a consumer truth that no one has seen before and that allows the brand to tell a story.

Therefore, the brand can say something new or stage it differently. The best campaigns are the ones that say something new by being original in form. Strategic planning saves time for the agency and, therefore, for the client. It allows to detect consumer perceptions that will serve the brand's strategy.

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agustin zaid

Agustín Zaid

I was born in Buenos Aires, studied Philosophy at the UBA. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and learning. I founded Con Testa, a 360° Digital Marketing agency, during the pandemic, with the intention of bringing humanity back to online interactions between Brands and Clients.

I co-founded NeoLearning, an agency that produces E-learning courses for coaches, consultants, and teachers.

I moved to Spain in 2021. I also collaborated with the expansion in Spain of We Are Mashin, a hub of more than 120 agencies in 15 countries specialized in Web3, Gaming, and Triple Impact.

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