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Phygital: the perfect combination between the physical and digital world.

By Tomas Velasquez Restrepo

Phygital: the perfect combination between the physical and digital world.

What is phygital?

The phygital concept began to be used a few years ago and was born from the marketing industry. Today human interactions are hybrid in every way, we use virtual reality and physics, almost for everything. We add to a girl we like Instagram to proceed with the conquest, see reports of an online movie to know whether it is worth seeing or not or looking for a piece on the social networks of our favorite brand, then visit the site and test it. However, these products will evolve very quickly, so much so that it began to combine with IOT, blockchain and different technologies to make products more intelligent and immersive. On the one hand, to have a differentiating factor against competition, as on the other, give a more rewarding experience to the customer.By definition, phygital products are those that combine physical and digital elements to offer a unique and personalized experience to users. These products are revolutionizing how we interact with brands and shopping.Phygital products have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it is easy to see why. They offer a more comfortable, faster and more personalized shopping experience than ever before. In addition, they combine the tangible feel of a physical product with the convenience and technology of a digital product.An example of phygital product is an online store that allows users to test virtually products before buying them. Another way phygital products can improve the purchasing experience is through mobile applications that allow users to scan barcodes, QRs, chips or other means to get product information, compare prices and shop online.In addition to improving the purchasing experience, phygital products also have a positive impact on the relationship between brands and their customers. By offering a personalized experience, brands can create a stronger bond with their customers and loyalty them.https://point-point. com.ar/que-son-las-tens-phygitais-y-por-que-consolity-as-una-tendence-de-compra/Blockchain technology and phygital products:Blockchain technology and NFTs revolutionized the way phygital products can be sold and collected. NFTs are unique tokens that represent a digital asset and can be verified and transferred through a blockchain. This type of technology led to a new era of phygital products, where physical experience combines with digital technology to create unique and collectable products.Phygital products with NFTs include digital art works, custom luxury products, interactive toys and more. Each of these products is unique and is sold with an NFT token that supports it, which means that there are no exactly equal products. In addition, buyers can verify the authenticity of their purchase through blockchain, which means they can be sure that they are buying an original product and not a replica.Another important aspect of phygital products with NFTs is customization. Blockchain technology allows manufacturers to create unique and customized products for each buyer, which means they can create products that perfectly fit the needs and wishes of each individual. In addition, buyers can customize their phygital products with NFTs by adding additional content such as images or videos, which means they can have a truly unique product.Finally, by integrating NFTs or some other blockchain technology method into our products, we can make a record of the life of a product. Since who was his creator, passing through his owners, registering the most important milestones of his service life in the blockchain and more. All of these data are useful for collectors or possible buyers of the product. This type of traceability can serve to: register the car service, know the provenance of some jewelry, know the previous owners of an electric collector's guitar or record the entire supply chain of an animal product.

Phygital and metaverse products:

In the near future, the combination of phygital products with technologies such as NFTs and blockchain technology will be integrated into the metaverse. The metaverse is an online virtual universe that allows users to interact with objects and environments in three dimensions. By incorporating phygital products in this environment, a much more immersive and personalized augmented reality experience will be created.NFTs will become a key element of phygital product integration in the metaverse. NFTs allow users to own and transfer unique virtual objects, which increases the sense of ownership and authenticity in the metaverse. Blockchain technology guarantees the security and transparency of NFTs transactions, which is essential in a virtual environment where ownership and authenticity are key values.In addition, phygital products will allow a more realistic and exciting gaming and entertainment experience in the metaverse. Users can interact with virtual objects and characters in a much more natural and fluid way, which will enhance the gaming experience and increase the immersion sensation in the virtual world.http://www.nftexpress.io/article/what-are-phygital-nfts

Some examples of phygital companies:


It is a sub-brand of Nike that specializes in creating 3D tennis marketed in the form of NFT. In their early days, they were only dedicated to selling virtual sneakers, but over time and once they were acquired by Nike, they began to produce clothes for the forks of these NFTs.These clothes they produce, have built-in NFC chips that in turn are connected to the NFT. Thus, these clothes can be used both in the real world and in the virtual world. RTFKT in turn is creating a metaverse, imagine being able to use the same piece in real life as in a metaverse at the same time.

String Protocol:

This is a project that is merging in Argentina and is led by Ezequiel Galasso, a world-renowned luthier.It is a protocol applicable to author or vintage guitars, where blockchain technology is used to generate a historical record of instrument history.Thanks to a digital twin or NFTs, a "evolutive metadata" is created where the most important events of these guitars are recorded, such as: When was it created? What materials is it composed of? Who created it? Who's the owner? Who were the owners of the object? What repairs did you have?All this information is important to preserve the value of this product.


Finally, allow me to present a project in which I am founder.In WRTH, we integrate both NFT and NFC technology into clothing, whether we produce or in what we provide our services to third parties, to provide authenticity and more enriching experience to the product. Using the NFC as a gateway to a web page where we extend product experience through augmented reality, and the NFT as a certificate of authenticity and ownership for the owner, our goal is to help people express who are in a world that is experiencing a transition from a physical reality to a virtual.Abajo de "Phygital y metaversos"


In conclusion, phygital products that combine NFTs and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the world of trade and the way we interact with brands and shop. These products offer a unique and personalized experience, combining physical and digital elements to offer a more comfortable, faster and more personalized shopping experience than ever before. In addition, its positive impact on the relationship between brands and their customers is changing the way brands interact with their customers. The combination of phygital products with NFTs and blockchain technology is key to metaverse evolution and will provide a more immersive, exciting and personalized augmented reality experience for users. These products are also transforming the way the products are sold and sold, which means that buyers can enjoy unique and collectable products that perfectly fit their needs and desires.

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tomas velasquez restrepo

Tomas Velasquez Restrepo

Hi, it's Tomas. Born in Colombia as a Colombian mother and father of Buenos Aires. I moved to Cordoba and finished my secondary studies there. As my Bachelor of Marketing started in 2018, at the same time I started getting into the blockchain ecosystem. I started my career as a Solidity programmer, but soon I left it for Project Manager. From 2020 to 2023 I have always been working in different software development companies in the blockchain area, I have had experience in multiple developments of all kinds, but without hesitation, my favorites are those that have to do with tokenization and the combination between physical and digital. Also for two years I have founded several projects, trying to undertake this. Always with tokenization themes, from real estate to fashion. I'm currently studying my last year of career.

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