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What to do when they hack your WhatsApp account?

By Horacio Gustavo Ammaturo

What to do when they hack your WhatsApp account?

Oscar "Ringo" Bonavena, was a heavyweight boxer, Argentine, ranked third in his times, who fought during the 1970s, eventually having a fight with the poorest Muhammad Ali, one of the most recognized athletes of all time.

Famous for their anecdotes and comments is attributed to the expression of:"They say that experience is a peine that comes to you when you're naked."However, for all who still have their cabellera, knowing the alien experience can be of great use.

A few days ago, I received a phone call identified with a profile picture of the Buenos Aires Vaccination Program.

Kindly a man consulted me about the vaccines he had received, if it had been 2, 3 or 4 doses, what later symptoms had they had? and many others related to my health after vaccination. .

He explained that the procedure was customary to update data from “Mi Argentina”, a platform that is used to access the most usual documents of the Argentines, such as CUIT, automotive ballots, insurance coverage vouchers or driving licenses. Even Covid-19 vaccination certificates.

The conversation lasted a few minutes.

In the end, thank me for the collaboration, informing that it is already updating the platform and tells me that in a few seconds I would be receiving a text message (SMS) on my phone with a code needed to close the process.

In fact, I received the message and communicate the number as expected.

Immediately my WhatsApp disappeared. It was only the admission form to the system, as if it were to activate a new phone number.

My digital identity of WhatsApp had been suppressed. I was a new victim of Phishing computer.

What should take into account not to be a victim of Phishing

  1. Read SIEMPRE all the content of the messages we receive. If I had read the message I would have noticed “Don’t share the code with anyone”.
  2. Obviously, it never gives a stranger a given that comes to us by phone. Logic indicates that no one may need anything that he sends and does not know. For something you don't know him.
  3. Program our devices and programs, if possible, with all data protections they offer. WhatsApp enables VERIFICATION IN PAS, is to say via SMS and mail. This gives us another instance to discover the attempted fraud.
  4. Once discovered the suit Back to register WhatsApp number on the phone. This may not be resolutory, but puts a deadline to the torture of being stripped of your digital identity. In my case, Phisher, (name given to those who steal digital data by traps), recorded in an email from his domain the double check of my identity. Fortunately, someone also thought a solution to this and is that at 7 days, if the identity is requested by two parties at the same time, the process is suspended two steps. That is why it is very important to reclaim ownership, although it is not possible immediately.
  5. Having previously provided for a warning and assistance protocol VITIMES AND FACILITIES. Count on a list of more vulnerable people in our environment, grandparents, parents or more credible or influenceable people to alert first on the one hand. On the other hand, the fastest and connected to our networks to quickly spread what happened.
  6. _ in our networks what happened.
  7. Take note of the new phone connected to our identity and account data Where to request help, rescue or any other circumstance that appeals to the good will of those who, ultimately, are also deluded, our contacts.
  8. Reporting to the authority that matches to help end this type of fraud. In the City of Buenos Aires, through the 911 they derived me from the office of denunciation of virtual crimes.

Other topics

Phishers do not have access to previous messages, nor to photos, documents or information that were exchanged before the crime. This data is stored on the phones and backups can be made on the clouds we may have enabled.

Yes, you will have access to the contact list and the messages you receive from the time of access until the registration request is made again.

This obliges the delinquent to link the identity with another phone. So, in general, fraud begins with " My new phone number".

Finally, knowing that could happen.

That if it happens, you must remain calm and resort to the help of those who know something more or more quiet.

There are alternative ways like Telegram, Signal or the old SMS to keep us connected in this world as online and unsafe.

Any query leave your comments.

Napoleon said that his own experience is the best way to learn, astimate that is expensive and comes late.

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