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Relevance of e-learning today

By Agustín Zaid

Relevance of e-learning today

In recent years, the elearning transformed the contemporary educational reality. Since the emergence of Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the purposes of 1990 until its use in the present post-pandemic, its evolution is witness to the potential it has to shape the future of learning.

e-learning today

Covid not only changed our daily life, but also modified the educational panorama. Both schools and universities were forced to close temporarily, driving to explore new forms of teaching and learning. In a few weeks, a huge percentage of institutions was forced to quickly adapt to online learning.This rapid transition was accompanied by a diversity of methodologies and approaches. Mainly, we can highlight two predominant modalities: synchronic and asynchronous.The synchronic modality is perhaps the most similar to a traditional class. Students and educators interact simultaneously, using tools such as video conferencing, live chats and virtual blondes.This allows students clarify doubts instantly, participate in discussions and work as a group. However, it requires all participants to be available simultaneously. This can cause complications when students are in different time zones or have commitments that prevent them from attending live sessions; the problem of technological failures or real-time connection may arise.In the asynchronous mode, the materials are made available to the students so that they access. any momentaccording to your convenience. This offers maximum flexibility for the student, allowing you to learn at your own pace.This autonomy is ideal for those who combine studies with work, family responsibilities or other commitments. Logra thus eliminate problems related to hourly differences or connection failures during live sessions.The last few years account for one unprecedented growth in implementation of e-learning. Year by year, the number of registered users grows on educational platforms and increases investments by educational institutions and corporations.Of course e-learning is the present and future of learning. It is becoming an essential tool in the business world, whether to train new employees or upgrade skills in an increasingly specialized and competitive job market.

e-learning advantages

We note in this mode different advantages compared to traditional education.On the one hand, flexibility. Through this mode, students can learn at their own pace, pausing, backing or advancing as they need.On the other hand, there are no geographical barriers. Anyone with an internet connection can access high-quality content from anywhere in the world. This allows democratization Even more access to these content. In addition, eliminating the need for physical spaces and other associated costs, one can offer a quality product cost-effective.


e-learning left a brand indelib in the educational panorama. We consider that, in an increasingly digitized world, the possibilities for expansion are endless: anyone who before taught a class before a reduced audience can now masivize and digitize their proposal quickly and efficiently. This generates from our perspective a remarkable increase in the quality of education, since it allows to develop global competition by creating value content.

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agustin zaid

Agustín Zaid

I was born in Buenos Aires, studied Philosophy at the UBA. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and learning. I founded Con Testa, a 360° Digital Marketing agency, during the pandemic, with the intention of bringing humanity back to online interactions between Brands and Clients.

I co-founded NeoLearning, an agency that produces E-learning courses for coaches, consultants, and teachers.

I moved to Spain in 2021. I also collaborated with the expansion in Spain of We Are Mashin, a hub of more than 120 agencies in 15 countries specialized in Web3, Gaming, and Triple Impact.

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