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Renault Revolutionizes Mendoza! Discover the 100% Electric E-Tech Range

By Carlos A. Pefaur

Renault Revolutionizes Mendoza! Discover the 100% Electric E-Tech Range

Renault Argentina Deploys its 100% Electric E-Tech Range in Mendoza

Renault Argentina continues its ambitious E-Tech tour, this time coming to Mendoza on June 1 and 2 at the emblematic Parque General San Martín. This tour, which has already been successful in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, seeks to bring electric mobility to different corners of the country.

With more than 280 test drives carried out at the Law School of the City of Buenos Aires and in Playa Grande, Mar del Plata, Renault's initiative not only demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, but also its ability to connect with customers and potential buyers. The deployment in Mendoza will allow interested parties not only to test drive the vehicles, but also to talk to specialists and get to know the official merchandising line of "The Originals".

For those interested in taking a test drive, Renault has set up a website where it is possible to make an appointment: [E-Tech Tour](https://www.renault.com.ar/renault-e-tech-tour.html).

Valentina Solari, Commercial Director of Renault Argentina, said: "The 100% electric E-Tech technology is one of Renault's answers to the new challenges of mobility, and that is why we want to bring this electric mobility to the main corners of the country. We invite all our customers and potential customers in Mendoza and the Cuyo region to come to this proposal that we are presenting this weekend at the General San Martin Park. We also invite them to have the opportunity to join us and be first-hand protagonists of this electric revolution that has already arrived in our country".

In this third stop of the tour, attendees will be able to test the 100% electric Megane E-Tech and the 100% electric Kwid E-Tech, two models that represent Renault's commitment to a sustainable future. Launched in 2024, these vehicles reflect the transformation that the brand has led in recent years.

The Megane, in particular, has a rich history in the Argentine market. Its combustion version was a success since its arrival in the 1990s, and now returns in its electric version, ready to set a new milestone in the automotive industry. This model has been recognized internationally and has been successful in Europe, consolidating itself as an emblem of Renault's vision towards sustainable mobility.

Renault Argentina, with this initiative, not only drives the adoption of electric vehicles, but also reaffirms its commitment to the environment and innovation in mobility.

Upcoming Dates:

- Córdoba, Chateau Park: June 15 and 16.

For more information about the E-Tech tour and to schedule a test drive, visit: [E-Tech Tour](https://www.renault.com.ar/renault-e-tech-tour.html).

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