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SingularityNET: The Vision of Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

By Arturo Grande

SingularityNET: The Vision of Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Ben Goertzel interviewing the robot Sophia.

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming every aspect of our society, SingularityNET emerges as a pioneering platform aimed at democratizing AI access and development. Founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel, a central figure in the field of artificial intelligence, SingularityNET is a decentralized network that enables anyone to create, fund, share and monetize AI services on a global scale. SingularityNET's mission is to foster ethical and accessible AI, countering the dominance of large technology corporations and putting the power of AI in the hands of the global community.

The Founder: Dr. Ben Goertzel

Dr. Ben Goertzel is a visionary in the field of artificial intelligence, known for his pioneering work in artificial general intelligence (AGI) and for promoting a future in which AI benefits all of humanity. As founder of SingularityNET, Dr. Goertzel seeks to build an infrastructure that enables not only interoperability between diverse AI services, but also a platform on which AI can self-organize and evolve. His leadership emphasizes the importance of decentralized governance and active and diverse community participation in the direction of AI development.

BGI: Towards Benevolent General Artificial Intelligence

BGI (Benevolent General Intelligence) represents a vision of the future in which artificial general intelligence (AGI) acts for the benefit of all humanity, promoting global welfare and addressing society's most pressing challenges. The aspiration toward BGI underscores the importance of developing AI systems that are ethical, unbiased, and designed with the explicit goal of maximizing human benefit. This approach contrasts with current trends in AI development, often driven by corporate objectives and without adequate consideration of the long-term ethical and societal implications.

Photo from the BGI Summit in Panama March 27, 2024.

Townhall #01: "Building the BGI among all".

This Thursday, February 29, at Townhall #01 "Building the BGI among all", we will have the unique opportunity to explore how SingularityNET is leading the way to a more inclusive and benevolent artificial intelligence era. As host, I am pleased to present this community space where we will discuss the potential of an #AGI beneficial to humanity with the participation of Inés Gaviña, the latest news from the #BGI Summit (www.bgi24.ai) in Panama with Guillermo Lucero Funes, and the vision of prominent regional leaders such as Alexander Ditzend (president of the Argentine Society of Artificial Intelligence - www.saia.ar) on the present and future of AI in LATAM.

The AGIX Token: A Tool for a New AI Paradigm

SingularityNET's AGIX token plays a crucial role in this vision, serving not only as a means of transaction within the AI services market, but also as a governance tool that allows the community to influence the future of the platform. Through staking, airdrops, and supporting innovative projects through the Deep Funding program (www.deepfunding.ai), AGIX empowers individuals and developers alike, fostering a decentralized AI ecosystem that is both innovative and ethically driven.

This flagship program has already distributed over $2.9 million in AGIX to over 70 projects and communities passionate about creating ethical, decentralized AI solutions. This effort underscores our mission to support open innovation in AI, enabling a diversity of voices and talents to contribute to the global AI ecosystem.


The Townhall #01 event "Building BGI among all" is more than an online meeting; it is a call to action for all those interested in the future of artificial intelligence. By participating, you not only join a conversation about the potential of AI for the global good, but you also become part of a movement toward a future where AI is developed by and for the benefit of all humanity. Together, we can move towards the realization of BGI, ensuring that artificial intelligence serves as a force for good, guided by the principles of equity, transparency and community participation.

In an effort to further encourage participation and enthusiasm within our community, we are excited to announce that we will be raffling off 25 AGIX, the official token of SingularityNET Latam, among participants of our online event. With a current value of 17.5 USD on Binance, this raffle not only offers a tangible opportunity for our community to further engage and learn about the SNET LATAM ecosystem, but also reflects our continued commitment to democratizing AI technology and empowering our members through incentives.

Link to register for the event:

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