3/3/2022 - Technology and Innovation

Smart contracts: A solution to bureaucratic obstacles

By Lucía Yaryura Tobías

Smart contracts: A solution to bureaucratic obstacles

A few years ago, the “smart contracts” or “smart contracts” were created, a kind of contract that perhaps heard of, but that is not yet widely used in Argentina. The question is, then, why, since these contracts could be the solution to the bureaucratic barriers that the consumer faces when making a complaint.Basically, intelligent contracts are agreements that are executed by themselves without interfering with third parties, they are written as a computer program, stored in blockchains and are unmodifiable. These agreements work and articulate in a simple way: “if it happens to, then b” and are not the parties that have to prove that it happened “a”, the program itself that creates the contract does.Without going further, the other day and following the mass electricity cuts that occurred in the country, I read a publication explaining how to file a complaint with an electricity company when the user had suffered a service cut in his house for more than four days, since the customer in that case would be able to access an indemnity. The process was as deceptive as an uncertain result: to call (and certainly wait an hour) to be attended by an operator and to register their claim; to write down the number of complaints and to call the other number (holding, waiting another good time) to give notice of the existence of this claim - that, it should be clarified, had been carried out in the same company -; and then to expect that in some nearby invoice it reinstates a sum of uncertain money in concept. An unfair and unhealthy mechanism for users and consumers as well as unpredictable for businesses.If smart contracts are used, the contract itself would check monthly that users have seen cut their service and perform the refund automatically, saving it to the customer and the company time and money.Another example: the traveler hires insurance for his luggage. When the airline loses, they can spend one, two, three weeks to pay the insurance and often it is not the will of the airline to generate this delay, but it is the estimated time between which the traveler gives notice of loss; registers and raises the claim; another server checks the claim and guarantees the payment of the insurance; informs the “payments” sector that must be credited; etc. If the contract is carried out with a smart contract, only the baggage loss is recorded, the traveler would see the amount of insurance believed in his account.So, if you can offer this solution to customers, the question is why companies still do not use this new tool. Maybe it's the fear of leaving in the hands of technology the execution of a deal... but the reality is that technology advances and smart contracts are a tool that can save time and money for businesses and consumers.What potential customer would not opt for a company that guarantees inmediate payment of insurance or reintegross? Who would not pay for a service that guarantees you that you should not be hours on the phone waiting to be served? Everything arrives and the smart contracts are being introduced in our country and, when they do, the bureaucracy in the claim will disappear benefiting consumers and companies that offer this service.

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