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The Power Latino in Deep Funding’s Round 4

By Inés Gaviña

The Power Latino in Deep Funding’s Round 4

The SingularityNET Community is amazed at how the number of proposals submitted to Deep Funding’s platform has grown in this 4th Round. From 139 in the previous round to 210 proposals submitted just before May 20th, the submission deadline. This means enormous growth and a reason to celebrate; the Deep Funding program is expanding rapidly, and SingularityNET’s mission and vision of decentralizing AGI is alive and kicking.

The Latino Community in the 4th Round

The SingularityNET LATAM Community is a Community-driven initiative; a funded proposal at Deep Funding’s 3rd Round created to increase the participation of the LATAM region within the Deep Funding program. We set a goal to increase Latino participation in Deep Funding’s next round by 25%; to date, with our four milestones already delivered and approved, with 25 high-quality proposals submitted in this 4th Round, we can say the participation of the LATAM region has grown by 730% and represents now 12,5% of the participation in the Global Deep Funding Community.

We are grateful and proud of the work accomplished, and want to share our region’s creativity and talent with the Global Community!

The 25 Proposals from the SingularityNET Latino Community

New Projects

  1. Transcendence Holographic AI


Our product is a revolutionary artificial intelligence holographic system that will transform the way people interact with technology and access information. It will be able to understand context, anticipate user needs and provide personalized, intelligent responses. Beyond basic information retrieval and task completion, the assistant will also serve as a virtual companion, offering emotional support, entertainment and even creative collaboration. It will be able to interact as if it were a real person, creating a sense of connection and trust, offering a level of personalization and emotional connection unmatched in the industry. We will make technology easily accessible.

2. Content Custom Pro


Hunko aims to make high-quality education accessible to all by creating an app that tailors educational content to individual needs. This content not only considers the specific context — such as local customs and vocabulary — but also aligns with the users’ preferences and learning styles. We plan to design this algorithm based on Hunko’s existing framework, which has been validated by ten companies in Latam and Eu through our initial MVP. The new algorithm will gather user data, consult various artificial intelligence systems with this information to produce ultra-customized content (videos, scripts, images, practices, games) focused on high engagement and efficiency in the learning process.

3. AI-Driven Media And Education By SNET & FinGurú


FinGurú, a pioneering decentralized media platform focusing on revolutionary education, aims to revolutionize content creation with an advanced AI system. This multi-agent AI will serve as director, SEO editor, marketing specialist, and spelling corrector, transforming not only written articles but also audio content into publish-ready pieces. By simplifying the process, this initiative fosters active user engagement and embodies our commitment to decentralization. Now, even those lacking technical expertise can easily share their ideas, amplifying voices and fostering inclusivity.

4. GreenPulse, AI For Common Good


On a mission to drive social sustainable development, Greenpulse embodies our collective commitment to leveraging AI for positive change. Our goal is to reshape community engagement and action towards environmental and social causes. By leveraging AI technologies, we’re creating a platform that not only educates and empowers users but also fosters collective action towards a more sustainable future. Our vision is to democratize AI as a common good, driving positive change on a global scale.

5. Maya To Spanish Voice Recognition IA


We want to create an AI model to translate spoken Maya into written Maya and Spanish to empower Maya speakers and tourist on the mayan region. This project also Meets Mexico’s Indigenous Language Law by helping to execute the language rights for minorities and targets the vast education market. Thus, big companies and public institutions might use the Model to offer services for Mayas in their native language as per Mexican law regulations. This will also increate the use of Singularity IA and open the door for creating models for other minoritarie languages in Mexico and other regions.

6. Citaldoc: Empowering Healthcare With AI Technology


Citaldoc.com is an AI-based healthcare platform. We have agents based on OpenAI that provide medical guidance in all specialties (Dr.AI MedAssist), psychology (Lic. Psy-Chological), and nutrition (NutriAi). We seek to optimize our prompts engineering to enhance our services, create the Research and Development (R+D) division with SingularityNet consultants, add new functionalities (text to speech), become multilingual (French, Portuguese, Spanish, and more !), integrate the possibility of AGIX payment alongside current methods (Credit Cards, ADA), and many other features to remain avant-garde and a benchmark. We are professionals with extensive experience in health and technology.

7. Cognify: A Reimagined Reading Experience Solution


Cognify is an innovative solution that combines artificial intelligence and a reinvented reading experience to transform the way people access knowledge. Over the recent years, we have observed, particularly among younger generations, a trend of deterioration in reading, concentration and comprehension skills. Research suggests that this decline may be related to digital habits, such as excessive time spent on social and entertainment media, which prioritizes quick engagement and doses of dopamine over deep, meaningful learning. With Cognify, we can harness the power of AI to reignite the passion for reading, making knowledge accessible and engaging again in our fast-paced digital age.

Ideation Phase

8. BotChain


We will create revolutionary chatbots for the finance and insurance sectors, integrating the robustness of blockchain and the agility of AI to ensure secure and fully personalized interactions, taking trust and efficiency to the next level

9. EkoCar / Sustainable Mobility


EkoCar: A Decentralized Carsharing Platform Revolutionizing Urban Mobility EkoCar is a revolutionary platform that offers a sustainable, efficient, and accessible solution for urban mobility. Cities today face a growing mobility challenge: traffic congestion, air pollution, and a lack of efficient and accessible transportation options. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI), EkoCar democratizes access to transportation by connecting private vehicle owners with passengers who share the same route. In this way. The integration of AI and SNET will improve user experience, optimize pricing, improve security, and increase operational efficiency.

10. GuardHawk: Data ConsentSystem And Marketplace


We designed a dApp infrastructure that enables users to store their digital data on the Internet in the Blockchain for them to manage who, what, and on which terms their digital data is used. We also designed this as a Marketplace for companies to access verified trusted information for product development and commercial purposes. We want to re-establish trust in digital interactions and provide a fair digital ecosystem for everyone.


11. Deep Funding Academy LATAM


The DeepFunding Academy (DFA) is a Community Initiative that aims to provide Education and Guidance for the Community in its Engagements in the DeepFunding and SingularityNET Ecosystem. This proposal aims to develop a version of the DFA in Spanish to cater to the growing LATAM community seeking resources to participate in SingularityNET and DeepFunding.

12. APRENDO: Digital & AI Inclusion In Latam


APRENDO bridges the digital divide in vulnerable Latin American communities through tech education. By integrating SingularityNET into our programs, we empower underserved individuals to engage with the SingularityNET platform, fostering a more democratic and decentralized AI ecosystem. We will achieve this by: — Incorporating SingularityNET modules into 20 #APRENDOcripto workshops in vulnerable communities, focusing on blockchain and AI. — Offering graduates SingularityNET-specific quests, where participants complete challenges and earn rewards in AGIX. — Hosting SingularityNET Project Showcases to inspire and connect participants.




When people come together, magical things happen. (Watch the proposal video here)

Nerdconf, the nomadic nerd conference, will organize a buildathon for 200 nerds as a side event to DEVCON. Why? Because all the major players in the decentralized industry will be there, and SNET can’t miss out.

Over two days, we’ll help international developers create MVPs with potential for integration into SNET. After the event, we’ll guide the teams to turn their MVPs into proposals for Deep Funding.

We’ll provide super nerdy merch and make a beautiful aftermovie (like we’ve done in past events). Plus, the NERDCONF team will attend DEVCON as ambassadors of SNET, inviting more nerds into the SNET ecosystem and to participate in the buildathon.

Best of all, we’ll make an epic documentary of the entire process, from application to execution, and publish it on founder Ale Marin’s channel (+220k; her audience goes from 20–40 years old), further extending the reach of SNET and Deep Funding.

More info about us clicking here.

14. Workshops- Universities/Innovation Centers: Brazil


This project is designed to promote and explain the benefits and operation of DeepFunding at universities and innovation centers across all regions of Brazil. Through both in-person and online workshops, as well as a dedicated portal and activity on Twitter, the project aims to inspire the adoption of innovative financing solutions throughout the country.

Maria Carmo: Pioneer of Catalyst Fund 1, works in the field of education and content creation with a focus on community integration. A passionate educator and entrepreneur in the crypto universe, known for her ability to make complex concepts accessible to everyone. As a co-founder of Pool Cardanistas, she has contributed to the spread of knowledge about the Cardano ecosystem. She is also a co-founder of Lovelace Academy, an education platform offering free educational content for anyone interested in blockchain technology. She was the host of the Cardano Summit 2022 and the CIP 1694 workshop in 2023. YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/@MariaCarmo369

Daniela Alves: Public Policy and Bioethics Consultant, also active in the communication sector, having participated as a commentator on various TV networks in Brazil, and served as a university professor at the IBMEC-SP business school. Holds a master’s degree in medical sciences from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, with published scientific research and international awards. Since 2021, Daniela has immersed herself in the world of cryptocurrencies and Web3, becoming an enthusiast and scholar of emerging technologies in this field, with a special focus on Cardano and seeking to engage with the Brazilian community by participating in both in-person and online events. Currently, she serves as a Community Advisor at Cardano’s Catalyst, a DRep Pioneer Leader, and Co-founder of GovChainLab, focusing on decentralized governance. https://x.com/DanielaAlvesRI

15. Promote Deep Funding On The Cardano Summit


Cardano and Catalyst is an ecosystem full of innovators, new ideas, and people already familiar with Decentralized Grants Programs. Due to shared values, this is a great ecosystem to onboard more contributors to Deep Funding and Singularity Net. To facilitate onboarding, we want to make a Workshop about Deep Funding at the Cardano Summit to Onboard more users into Deep Funding and Deep Funding Academy a Platform created to onboard and educate users on Deep Funding. Live events are a great opportunity to make stronger impressions and lasting connections, and we should take advantage of this event to grow Deep Funding and to make our presence known in the Cardano Community.

16. Translate Videos About SNET Into Portuguese


This project aims to translate and narrate SingularityNET videos in Portuguese, making them available in a playlist on the Maria Carmo 369 channel (https://www.youtube.com/@mariacarmo369), which has 11,900 followers. The goal is to overcome the language barrier and provide accessible information about AI, promoting education and engagement within the Lusophone community and encouraging the development of talent in artificial intelligence. Summaries of the videos will also be published on the Maria Carmo 369 Substack: https://mariacarmo369.substack.com/

17. Treasure


Treasure will be a web3 platform for indie film lovers, aiming for a more democratic and viewer-driven approach compared to streaming giants.

18. Las Flores Indie & Tech Film Festival


Las Flores Film Festival is the most exclusive event that brings together the largest community of film and technology in Mexico and Quebec, with an ecosystem of innovation and high impact promoting knowledge about cinema in Web3. REACH + 15K GUESTS +300 PRODUCERS +100 INFLUENCERS +50 UNIVERSITIES +200 ALLIES +100 MEDIA

19. Singularity News Pilot By The Frenchies Club


We propose to produce the first edition of Singularity News, aiming to gain insights to prove the viability of publishing a dedicated, attractive monthly news show produced by the Frenchies Club. This proof-of-concept episode, also known as a pilot, will focus on presenting updates and developments within the SingularityNET ecosystem and associated technologies. The show aims to provide compelling content that keeps the community informed and engaged, highlighting significant events, projects, and discussions that shape the future of decentralized AI.

20. Empowering Creators And Buyers In LATAM


The proposal aims to create an educational platform in Spanish dedicated to women in Latin America, with the objective of increasing the use and adoption of SingularityNET’s AI platform (SNET). Through inclusive and accessible education, we will train participants in AI fundamentals and SNET tools, promoting the creation and monetization of AI services. This will enhance the diversity of users and services on the SNET platform, boosting its ecosystem and reach in the region.

21. Content For Hispanic Users


Continue to create quality content for the hispanic-speaking audience.

22. LATAM The Land of Builders


The core problem we aim to address revolves around the lack of localized onboarding resources and knowledge about Singularity Net (SN) in the LATAM region. LATAM, one of the world’s largest developer hubs. This issue is primarily rooted in the absence of accessible guidance, educational materials,and engagement opportunities tailored to the region. Our solution is to create a dynamic six-month initiative designed to empower builders and innovators within LATAM to seamlessly onboard into the SN community. We believe that by focusing on builders, we can stimulate innovation ecosystem within the region. This Effort will be carried out in 3 LATAM cities simultaneously in Argentina.

From the SingularityNET LATAM Community

23. LATAM SingularityNET Community Expansion


We are thrilled to share the LATAM @SingularityNET Community ‘Expansion’. Built upon previous efforts and First Phase results, the proposal aims to widen the Community horizons in different platforms and scenarios. Onboarding Brazil and the Portuguese-speaking Community, incorporating audiovisual-based social media and developing events and workshops will be the three goals of this new ‘Expansion Phase’ for the already vibrant LATAM Community. We are builders and building is what we love doing. We are ready to thrive and bring alive the SingularityNET LATAM BGI Revolution! Thank you SingularityNET Community for your vote and support. :)

24. Genesis LATAM SingularityNET Decentralized AI LABS


We’ll challenge our team with crafting a dynamic educational program that seamlessly integrates online and in-person learning experiences, focusing on the convergence of AI and blockchain technologies. Central to our mission is instilling the values and responsibilities associated with the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as a global public good. Our 4-month program will delve into critical themes like Global Ethics & Decentralized Governance, exploring tech’s impact on politics and community.Partnering with an esteemed Argentine University and leveraging Fingurú’s expertise, we promise a top-notch educational experience aligned with SingularityNET standards.

25. LATAM SingularityNET Stake Pool Operations


As part of the LATAM SingularityNET Community Expansion, we propose establishing an AGIX/ASI LATAM SingularityNET Stake Pool Operator on the Cardano blockchain. This initiative aims to enhance our network’s computing capacity and create new nodes, fostering decentralization and resilience. By leveraging local expertise and resources, we aim to boost participation in the SingularityNET ecosystem, drive innovation, and contribute to the overall growth and security of the Cardano network. Join us in empowering the LATAM region and strengthening the global blockchain community.

Congratulations to all the teams for the wonderful proposals submitted, the SingularityNET LATAM Community Core Team wishes you the best of luck!

Join our networks and be part of the SingularityNET Latino Community! Become a leader within the decentralized AI revolution!








from LATAM @SingularityNET Community / Creating and fostering a vibrant community of Latin American innovators to drive forward the decentralized AI revolution

Join the conversations and receive the latest updates from SingularityNET and the Deep Funding program. Write to us at our email: singularitynet.latam@gmail.com or via Telegram for any questions or inquiries. We are at your service and delighted to meet you!

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