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Traceado electric, a little known system with multiple benefits

By gonzalo martin

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From the medium in which you will transport it, to the electronic articles you use, to the sweets you consume and the shingles with which you see, the electrical traced is part and fulfills a fundamental role within each process. But...

What is the electrical trace?

The electrical traced is a method consisting of maintaining or elevating the temperature of substances or fluids within pipes and tanks or containers, as well as protecting against freezing, compensating heat losses to the environment by using an electrically energized cable.

By means of pipes or tanks can be distributed and stored numerous products, which should often be subject to specific temperatures to be able to comply with their purpose. Otherwise, the whole process would be useless, as they would lose significant properties and could change the state form of these products.

Now that we know what this method consists of, let us see some concrete examples:

  • A company that must extract oil in the area of Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina, where the minimum temperature in winter can be -8 °C and the maximum in summer can be 40 °C, should install electrical traced systems to maintain the temperature of the pipe where the crude of oil is transported, as it naturally contains saturated hydrocarbons such as paraffin, substance that at colder temperatures will crystallize what generates an increase in viscosity that makes it difficult for oil to flow evenly by the pipe. Also, for the simple provision of water, that in winter temperatures can freeze the pipes and the installation of an electrical traced system would prevent their freezing.
  • Horacio has a plant where produce candy jaleas. To produce, it should be ensured that the pipe where it will go to jalea reach a temperature between 40 °C and 50 °C, no more or less and stay in that range to keep the product at a optimum temperature, do not lose properties and do not stick viscous during the process because, but it locks the whole system. This is why Horacio should install an electrical trace system to ensure that you can fulfill the desired final product.

The use of electrical traced worldwide

It is an important source of investment in the international industry, as electrical tracement systems are present both in large projects and refineries, petrochemicals, as well as in the oil wells, mines and pipelines and in small domestic facilities that facilitate daily life. The increase in investment in the development of pipeline and pipeline infrastructure, together with the increase in concerns about safety and environmental health, led to the demand of the world market for the coming years.

Its versatility gives you a range of opportunities to be used in different applications as industrial, commercial and residential.

Market growth is mainly attributed to reliable factors, including the growing demand for low-consumer electrical tracement systems with low maintenance cost, the growing adoption of the system in replacement of conventional steam tracement systems, the increased demand for energy-efficient self-regulating cables and the increased number of industrial and commercial tube systems worldwide.

In Latin America, 85% of the applications are industrial-type, while 10% are commercial-type and the remainder of residential type, a sector where in the last time the demand was increased in areas with more extreme climate due to the simple solution that provides the installation of an electrical traced system.

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gonzalo martin

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