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Tranqui: Tool for suicide prevention and crisis support.

By Tomas Di Mauro

Tranqui: Tool for suicide prevention and crisis support.

Each year (according to WHO) there are about 703,000 completed suicides. That said, many people facing crisis do not know where to turn or how to find help. In addition, their family or friends often do not understand what the person is going through or how to help. When a person has thoughts of harming or killing him/herself, it is essential to have support and support tools.

This is where Tranqui comes into play, a free tool for suicide prevention, developed jointly by EEST N°5 and the School of Psychology of the National University of Mar del Plata. Itcan be downloaded at tranqui.mdp.edu.ar or by searching for "Tranqui" in Play Store.

All the content of Tranqui App has been developed following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health of Argentina, UNICEF, and national and international associations dedicated to suicide prevention.

A few weeks after its launch, the app already has more than 500 downloads in the Play Store and 25 5-star ratings.

This app is intended to be used not only by those who are going through suicidal thoughts or ideas, but also by their family members, friends, health professionals and teachers, providing them with resources and strategies to prevent suicide.

By downloading Tranqui from the Play Store or by going to tranqui.mdp.edu.ar, users can access quick tips for times of crisis, create a personal space and a safety plan, and find places to go for help nearby. But what really sets this tool apart is that all its content follows the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the Argentine Ministry of Health, UNICEF and referent associations such as the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

Tranqui was born in 2018 from the joint initiative of Dr. Galarza, Lic. Santiago González, students and teachers of EEST N°5. Together they developed a first web version. However, as of 2022, the need to turn it into a mobile app to reach adolescents and young people in a more direct way was raised.

On the development side, the app was developed by a group of 6 students, coordinated by Prof. Pablo Abdala Achaval, and the students: Barbé Alan, Berardi Facundo, Di Mauro Tomás, Enriquez Kiara and Luca López.

In an increasingly digitalized world, where mental health problems are on the rise, initiatives such as Tranqui can become real tools for prevention and help save lives. Its launch represents another step towards building a society that is more aware of and committed to suicide prevention.

If you are going through a crisis or know someone who is, don't hesitate to download Tranqui right now at tranqui.mdp.edu.ar. It could make a difference.

It is important to clarify that for the moment, the help places and phone numbers included in Tranqui are specific to the city of Mar del Plata. However, the rest of the psychoeducational content is applicable to anyone in need, regardless of geographic location.

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